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Apr 26, 2020

When will we be let out?

The world has had a huge shock and everything has changed. In previous articles, it was written that fear, greed and selfishness abounded. This had to change, and it has.

There is Light!   
    To look on the good side of this, what have you seen and experienced in your area that shows sharing and helping others? Here in Delaware, people are sewing masks, taking food to food banks and shut-in people and I am sure they are doing this in your area, too. Nationwide, the heroes are those in medical jobs, and the military who are helping hospitals and distributing food. Crime and drug use are down. Nationwide, shopping center parking lots are lanes for cars to drive up for food and medical checks for the virus.  At first I was dismayed that here in America, where we grow much food, the farmers were getting ready to throw out food because there was nowhere to distribute it because restaurants, schools and other places are closed. Lo and behold, I saw on the news last night, the truckers decided to do this themselves. They are taking their trucks to the farms, picking up the food and taking it where it is needed. It began with one trucker! See, when we are in crisis, creativity rises. For years we have been saying to buy locally; now it is imperative.

The Aquarian Age, which we are in,  is the Age of technology and electronic communication and that has certainly surged! The schools and corporations are Zooming (video conferencing), families are Skyping and others are having classes and events online, even music bands. My three groups are meeting online, too, which expands the availability of the astrology, Ray and spiritual meditation group to anyone anywhere.

What does the astrology say about letting us out of quarantine? At the height of the pandemic, there were many planets in Capricorn. Now only Pluto and Jupiter are together and Jupiter is easing away, indicating the virus’ effects are waning. The South Node is still in Capricorn, but has stopped, getting ready to back into Sagittarius, releasing the world of the karma of greed, fear and selfishness. Saturn has just gone into Aquarius with Mars marching to the middle of Aquarius, revealing the help to the people and that people have taken responsibility for others.

When will we be let out?   
    The South Node goes into Sagittarius May 5 letting us out! Sagittarius is a sign of freedom - don’t fence me in - and methinks the states will slowly lift the sanctions. As this is written, it is already happening, but perhaps May 5 the “stay home” edict will be lifted.  We certainly are ready.

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