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Mar 7, 2021

Celestial forecast March 7 to March 14 2021

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There is a planetary line-up in Aquarius of the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury this week. Science is in the forefront applied to large groups. More vaccinations? You may have read last month this would be the case during March, with most everybody freely vaccinated by end of May 2021. It may be possible to join your friends or enjoy in-person groups.

There is a minor planetary line-up in Pisces of the Sun, Venus and Neptune. Compassion is the indicator here. The USA Senate may pass the COVID so those in dire need may be helped.

This is almost like the 50-50 situation in the USA Congress, which is a situation that would work wonders if they would co-operate for the good of the whole. One fifty-percent is for science and large groups; the other fifty-percent is for compassion and giving help. Could this work together?

Mars is leading the planets in Gemini, hurrying to communicate and reach as many as possible. Uranus is still at 8 degrees Taurus, busy changing the money situation. Cryptocurrency? Pluto is bringing up the rear in Capricorn, steadily moving towards the USA natal Pluto which just may bring big change to the USA money, possessions and self esteem - big change.

March 7: no exact astrological aspects, but remember the two planetary line-ups are in effect.

March 7 USA and into March 8: the president communicates well regarding a law or agreement and is reported in the news favorably. Later in the day one of his policies is questioned.

March 8: Sun an Moon getting along indicating a good day for everyone, especially for Capricorn and Pisces who cooperate. Opportunity to actualize a creative activity or project.

March 9: Moon goes into Aquarius adding friends, science and non-attachment to the day. However, Venus is in tension with the nodes, meaning communication is well-meaning and cooperative but unrealistic. Loved ones may be needy but not able to tell you how or why. News today may be incomplete, vague or deceptive, be careful of what you see, hear and read; wait a day or two before concluding because facts are hazy. Moon joins with Saturn in Aquarius indicating hard science prevails or weird emotions.

March 9 USA: see-saw or quincunx day for the president who adjusts to a Democratic request to either spending or immigration.

March 10: interesting day. The Sun and Neptune are together in Pisces, indicating a day of compassion, creativity and maybe escape. The Moon is traveling through Aquarius together with Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury, indicating scientific focus with our about large groups; perhaps large numbers of vaccinations. Personally, both Pisces and Aquarius are active. Virgo and Leo experience relationship focus with possible disagreements. Cancer and Scorpio enjoy good emotional day - if - they will adjust to the scientific or abstract. Gemini and Libra enjoy good social day, although Libra needs to adjust to nebulous interactions. Capricorn and Taurus have a good work day if Capricorn will adjust to a little drama. Aries and Sagittarius have the opportunity to be included in group effort.

March 10 USA: accepted activity for either or both health care and workers that puts the president in a good light.

March 11: Moon goes into Pisces, joining the Sun, Venus and Neptune, strengthening compassion and creativity. Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio have a nice day. Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius irritated because of vagueness; Aries and Aquarius neutral, Taurus and Capricorn have the opportunity to help others be practical. Leo and Libra adjust to vagueness or people not showing up.

March 11 USA: challenges to an existing law or agreement which requires a change or adjustment to spending. There is a quiet opportunity for the president to balance points of view, but opportunities must be accepted to be realized.

March 12: no exact astrological aspects except the two planetary lien-ups are still with us.

March 12 USA: a higher law may be reversed, it is at least challenged. Perhaps a case before the Supreme Court is denied.

March 13: new Moon in late degrees of Pisces joining Venus and Neptune. Your Pisces may be more active and talk about their creative ideas or ideas. The Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune are all in Pisces, indicating a nicely effective day for Pisces, but may be an irritating day for Gemini and Sagittarius. Virgo could experience annoyance because others are either too hazy-minded or do not show up. Good day for Cancer and Scorpio, with Taurus and Capricorn having the opportunity to help ground creative activities. Aquarius and Aries are neutral. Leo and Libra adjust to non-direct interactions. Moon then goes into Aries about 6:45 pm ET with your evening becoming more active.

March 13 USA: past mistakes to the population are focused with much press and talk about anarchy and freedom of assembly and speech.

March 14: no exact astrological aspects but remember the planetary line-up is effective.

March 14 USA: Good press or communication regarding a higher law, accompanied by mild stress. If the weather, too much rain. 

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