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Jul 16, 2015

Iran Deal and the USA

The planets for 14 July 2015 world horoscope reveal the Iran Deal, the Greek Tragedy and the Pluto Flyby.

The Pluto Flyby hails a great achievement in science and honor for the USA. Uranus, the science planet is in wonderful relationship with Jupiter and Venus, indicating great expense for the successful experiment that will bring financial gain later.

The Greek Tragedy shows Saturn insisting on financial responsibility and it will not be easy. Pluto and the Sun, the next day on July 15, were in a war-like relationship, and the Greeks rioted. Saturn takes a a few years to finish it’s job, so the Greeks are in for a sustained corrective, financial time. The configuration is Saturn in Scorpio in square to Venus in Leo. Scorpio is good at financial reorganization, Saturn insists that it be done and they are challenging the extreme expenditures indicated by Venus in Leo. Not only Greece, but any nation that is spending more than they can possibly repay will be forced to sharply decrease and reorganize expenses. This is a signal of the end of the old way.

The Iran Deal’s horoscope indicates change that will increase wealth for the already wealthy in the world and destabilize another. The Taurus nation is now in a very stressful, difficult circumstance and could shrink or become isolated. Iran, which is symbolized by Pluto in this chart, is confronting the participants of the Deal. Pluto symbolizes forces that have been slowly, relentlessly pushing their way to attention over a period of time, bursting upon the scene almost like a volcanic eruption; and that is the Iran Deal.


The USA detonated the first atomic bomb on July 16, 1954! The Saturn of this event squares the USA’s natal Saturn,  and the Iran Deal’s Pluto opposes the USA’s atomic bomb horoscope. No wonder we are experiencing such pressure.

This is very difficult for the United States. A short explanation is that the United States is being forced to adapt to world changes, especially changes in power and to let go of what was thought to be secure and stable. The US will be forced to accept change in thier place of power in the world, just like the world was forced to accept change of power after the US detonated the atomic bomb.

Transiting Pluto is in opposition to the USA’s natal Sun, which was exact January 5 this year, again August 1 and November 1, so this is not over. This means the pressure for change began in January, will focus on Aug. 1  and includes the world-wide situation. Iran, symbolized by Pluto, will continue to  confront the US and is stronger. Mars of the Iran Deal chart is exactly conjunct the USA’s Sun, pushing for action without enough time to think, resulting in an impulsive or hasty decision. Mars is daring and does not care what others think, and was pushing the United States.

The Iran Deal’s Pluto is square the USA’s natal Saturn and opposes the Atomic Bomb’s Saturn. This was exact June 13 and again December 24 this year. This is an ominous situation, and represents severe challenges to change and to let go, or be forced to let go, of what was considered secure or sacrosanct, especially power. Both planets signify death, so there is a death of what was to make way for the new beginnings. Pluto represents transformation, so nothing will be the same after the transit, as was the case after the Atomic Bomb explosion. With Pluto, cooperation is the key.

The combination of the Iran Deal’s Pluto in opposition to the USA’s Sun, opposition to the Atomic Bomb’s Saturn, and square the USA’s Saturn indicates severe pressure for the United States to change because of world situations, and adaptation is necessary. The President and the country are under tremendous pressure to cooperate and adapt. Mars is helping though, by giving courage and strength against the opposition. Astrologically, there is no choice. We know there is always choice, but resisting is sometimes the wrong choice, especially with Pluto. That Saturn is so heavily involved indicates karma and responsibility?

Venus of the Iran Deal horoscope is one degree from being opposite the Moon in the USA horoscope, meaning emotional, non-thinking, reaction. Diplomacy is certainly strained. 
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