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Jul 22, 2015

Venus goes retrograde Saturday, July 25, 2015

Venus Goes Retrograde Saturday, July 25

Venus rules money through Taurus and relationships and legal dealings through Libra. During the retrograde time, be very careful of both. Usually, money either slows down or you receive payment from the past. Relationships can be edgy, and is usually the woman's doings. The woman could be petty, a result of imagined slights. If your south node is in either the sign of Taurus or Libra, be prepared for unexpected situations from the past to crop up. The specifics would be the house your south node lives in, which sign is involved, and the house your Venus lives in. However, you would recognize something from the past, and not all from the past is unpleasant. In fact, many years ago, transiting Venus came to my south node and it was most pleasant.

Venus goes retrograde in the sign of Virgo, so details may be slow in coming or not correct. Virgo can experience irritating delays between July 25th and 31st.

While Venus is retrograde in the sign of Virgo, Pisces may be out of sorts between the 25th and the 31st and then is okay. Capricorn may help Virgo and Taurus with useful solutions. Aries and Sagittarius may help Leo with creative ideas and a get-away from management. Cancer and Scorpio have the opportunity to sooth emotions for Virgo; Gemini can be irritated with request for detail; Aquarius either helps Gemini or is off balance.

Venus backs into Leo on August 1st, and is there when it goes direct on September 6th, but is in the sign of Leo until October 8.  Financial situations or extravagances repeat what happened between June 22 and July 25. The degrees for Leo are in effect from August 1 through October 8 because of the back-and-forth movement of Venus through Leo.  Leo is the most affected because of high expenditures that must be paid and there may not be enough to do so - or experience situations regarding children and lovers.  Aquarius may experience what seems like unfortunate relationship problems, but they are financially related because someone spent too much and may have been out of Aquarius' control. Scorpio and Taurus experience stubborn control issues. Aries and Sagittarius enjoy nice adventures and creative benefits; Cancer and Virgo are neutral; Gemini and Libra can bring insight and diplomacy to relationship situations; Capricorn and Pisces adjust to minor money situations.

Enjoy your Venus retrograde time. Patty is happy to explain your personal astrological Venus. Contact her via email or phone (302) 378-0579.


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