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Jul 17, 2018

Mars retrograde in Aquarius, July 2018

How is your relationship?

Mars is the patron planet of men, machines and projects. Mars went retrograde June 26 and goes direct August 27, mostly in the sign of Aquarius and conjunct the south node in Aquarius emphasizing Aquarian nature. Aquarius represents friends, freedom, groups, abstract science and inventions. Since the south node is associated with the past, past actions may come to the surface, suddenly triggered by Mars.

Women have been calling, asking what in the world is happening? Why is he breaking up, acting weird, or wanting to be with friends instead of me?

During this time, if anything unsatisfactory in your relationship was simmering under the surface, it becomes evident with the man’s behavior. It seems that suddenly he wants freedom and cannot be suffocated. He may spend time with friends instead of you, or break the relationship. If the relationship was begun under false pretenses, it will be evident now with his behavior. If this happens to you it would matter if you are married or committed on how to handle it. Communication is usually the key to relationships, so try to honestly talk it out. Aquarius is sometimes brutally frank. If the issues cannot be resolved, be thankful you know and can move on. However, he may need some space for a while and say this is temporary, which is up to both of you how to handle the situation.

If you are a man and your relationship is unsatisfactory, study your own behavior to learn if you are turning her off without realizing it. You may want freedom now, which could be temporary, but at least let her know and talk about it.

To even things out, when Venus goes retrograde it is the woman’s behavior that reveals anything unsatisfactory in the relationship.

Since Mars also rules machines, if you have a car, truck or yard machine, it may require service. With Mars retrograde in Aquarius, the trouble could be a glitch in an advanced computer system controlling the mechanics.

If you had begun a new project, it may slow down during the retrograde. Your project may be something new to you, something advanced, or a group project. If it does slow down, ask friends or your group to help, develop it further and re-launch it after August 27.

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