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Aug 12, 2018

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe blasted off at 3:31 a.m. EDT. Aug 12, 2018

This is exciting news. The bold comments are mine, Read on...

CAPE CANAVERAL – NASA’s Parker Solar Probe blasted off at 3:31 a.m. EDT. Aug 12, 2018 from Cape Canaveral Air Force station on its historic mission to the Sun. It is expected to reach the Sun in November, Sagittarius time: how appropriate because Sag symbolizes big things. The launch had initially been scheduled for early Saturday, but last-minute technical glitches ate away at the launch window, prompting a 24-hour delay. Mercury is retrograde!

Harnessing Venus’ gravity, Parker will complete seven flybys over seven years - a Saturn cycle - to gradually bring its orbit closer to the Sun. On its closest approach in 2024, the probe will be traveling at approximately 430,000 mph, setting a new speed record for a man-made object.

Scientists expect to shed new light on the Sun’s potential to disrupt satellites and spacecraft, as well as electronics and communications on Earth. Instruments on board Parker will study magnetic fields, plasma and energetic particles as well as imaging solar wind, a flow of ionized gases that stream past the Earth at more than a million miles an hour.

This may be interesting to those of you who ask me “what is going on out there?” And I reply that there were solar flares, intense radiation and more. We already know this happens.

The probe, which was designed and built by the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, is also carrying more than 1.1 million names to the Sun. Members of the public were invited to be a part in the historic mission by submitting their names to be placed on a memory card.

Your astrologer’s name is included, and I have am authentic certificate. I hope you accepted NASA’s invitation, which was forwarded to you March 8, 2018.

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