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Oct 31, 2018

USA Mid-term elections - November 6, 2018

Nov 6 The transiting North and South Nodes will have just retrograded (their normal path) at 1;22:32 pm ET into 29 degrees Cancer and Capricorn from Leo-Aquarius, subtly changing the tone. The tone had been focus on large groups and causes, look at me and my own point of view. The tone is now more towards using past responsibility and stability for family or national harmony. Let us hope the south node in Capricorn does not reveal more hate and desire to defeat at all costs. The Democrats are symbolized by Saturn/Capricorn and their past actions may come to light. Perhaps the Cancer north node will bring attention to the family and our nation. The USA is a Cancer country, the sign of the transiting North Node. Since this change is early afternoon Eastern Time, it will be interesting to learn if the tone of the electorate changes.

The long-term background transit or cycle for the USA is that of the Democrats continual opposition to Republicans. Sharp focus dates were Feb 12, June 26, lastly Nov. 12, 2018.

Neptune the confuser is in  a cycle indicating dissolving the borders, rule of law, confusion of the voters, and the Democrats adjusting.

Another cycle is the Democrats trying to change the outcome of the elections.

Nov 6 The mundane or inter-planetary relationships, not related to the USA chart, indicate ease and harmony with a big turnout early; possible disruptions between 5 and 8 pm ET followed by a settling and Democrats leading.

Uranus retrogrades back to Aries late on November 6, indicating changes, more action, and perhaps violence. Very late in the day more emotional outbursts about the election process.

Planetary relationship to the USA chart:

Nov 6: process does not go as expected, possibly because machines malfunction. As the day goes forward, early harmony, then contention then harmony with many women and young people voting, more contention. Then the Moon goes into Scorpio, revealing more serious or introspection about the issues followed by more harmony. Later it seems the Republicans are ahead, but there are more changes. Perhaps the day ends with nothing definitive.

If the counting and controversy continues, the aspects to the USA chart:

Nov 7 reveals mild adjustment to the counting, with nothing resolved.

Nov 8 Looks like the results are contested. However, Jupiter goes into Sagittarius on November 8, favoring the Republicans. At the end of the day, opportunity favoring the presidency.

Nov 9
, The Moon reveals times of harmony, stress, opposition, adjustment, opportunity for the Democrats.

If this still goes on Nov 10 shows opposition, some fraud, adjustment and no resolution. However the Moon goes into Capricorn, favoring the Democrats.

Nov 11, Democrats oppose the presidency, activation of crowds or groups, emotional challenge to the presidency, opposition to the Republicans, followed by adjustments.

Nov 12 is the last date of the cycle of the Democrats opposing the Republicans, but mild opposition and the Senate and House votes resolved.

Nov 13 another adjustment or mild change from the Congress.

Nov 14: if the process went to the higher court, it is resolved.

Who wins? It is so close it is hard to call.

According to Rex Bills’ The Rulership Book:
Democrats are ruled by Saturn/Capricorn
Republicans are ruled by Jupiter/Sagittarius
Elections are ruled by Uranus
The voters are ruled by Neptune.

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