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Oct 7, 2018

October through October 31 2018

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Venus is retrograde until November 16.

The United States’ chart reveals Saturn in two challenging aspects: the last focus date of personal, dangerous opposition to the office of the presidency and to the president himself on 10/2; repeat of 115 and 8/10. And the last focus date with Saturn (again) challenging the office of the presidency. Repeat of 1/20 and 7/31. According to Rex Bills “The Rulership Book,” Saturn and Capricorn represent Democrats.

Also for the USA, 10/2 is  the middle focus date of a cycle that began 3/17 and ends 1/15/19. Vague and misleading communication or news. The situation causes the population to be misinformed and confused, and undermines the law, the other scenario is confused, obscure and misleading negotiations with or about allies or enemies. 

10/2: The global planetary relationships (aspects) indicate more arguments. There is also a quarter Moon in the signs of Cancer and Libra, suggesting the planets urge for arguments.

10/2 USA: Continued, serious, personal opposition. This trend began Jan 15, repeated Aug 10 and ends today. The opposition is to both the office of the president and to the person of the president. Continued incomplete and distorted news, coming from the area of the news media, challenging both the law and Americans ourselves. This is the dissolving of clear communication and dissolving of the rule of law itself, not specifically Mr. Kavanagh. This began March 17, repeats Oct 2 and goes through Jan 15, 2019. Additionally, strong forces dredge up past USA mistakes about or from groups of men, the subject sex, self worth and money. The only good astrological indication is good trend that began Feb 14, repeated March 31 and ends Oct 2, which is an opportunity from behind the scenes for truth and good news for the Supreme Court. 10/2 Judge Kavanagh: one aspect says he communicates well, another indicates there is an adjustment, and yet other is strong opposition to him and his family.

10/3 Moon goes into Leo.

10/4 better emotional atmosphere with an attempt to harmony.

10/4 USA; more harmony with communication focused on the law.

10/5: Venus goes retrograde at 10 Scorpio 50 and goes direct Nov 16. The general explanation is that any relationship glitches are usually from the woman or her mistakes. Also, not good time to make financial or romantic commitments. Scorpio love life and money may slow down. Taurus may experience the disappearance or delay with relationships; Leo and Aquarius may experience stubborn relationship resistance. Cancer and Pisces may have nice relationships but slower; or Maybe clandestine ones. Libra and Sagittarius are neutral. Aries and Gemini adjust to relationship and social events not going as expected.

10/6 USA: Kavanagh confirmation, with vociferous, frequent challenges to the Supreme Court itself. As we watched, we heard shouting from the gallery, with order having to be restored at the demand of the Vice President. From the news: “Mike Pence squarely faces Kavanaugh protesters as he exits Capitol building. Kavanaugh confirmation sparks sharp reaction from celebrities. Obama AG Eric Holder questions legitimacy of Supreme Court after Kavanaugh confirmation.”

10/7: Adjustment to the confirmation of Supreme Court Associate Judge Kavanaugh.

10/7 USA opportunity for good communications, but still opposing the president. From the news: “Pelosi vows to unearth FBI docs on Kavanaugh as confirmation fuels impeachment talk.”

10/8 USA: conflicting communications with some conciliation but more strong challenges.

10/9: Mercury goes into Scorpio, with Scorpio possibly revealing plans. Taurus senses verbal opposition; Cancer and Pisces enjoy good financial communication. Virgo and Capricorn have opportunity to be included in practical financial plans. Leo and Aquarius experience demands to account for expenses. Libra and Sagittarius are neutral. Aries and Gemini adjust to financial communication.

10/10: Continued opposition and women demonstrators. The fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius involved in persistent, challenging situations.

10/11: No exact planetary relationships.

10/12: Moon goes into Sagittarius. More challenges to the status quo, focused on the law. If business related, the challenge is to balance trade. However, there is an opportunity for communication to be calm and practical. Good day for Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces. Capricorn is challenged but has the opportunity for conciliation.

10/12 USA: last focus date of the cycle severely challenging the office of the presidency. Repeat of 1/20 and 7/31. It may be an unpleasant day for the USA. This is the last outer-planet or “important” planetary relationship to the USA chart this month.

10/13: The Sun and Moon are in good relationship and when they are, everybody is also. Great day for the fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius; and the air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

10/14: Moon goes into Capricorn.

10/15: Scorpio communicates about money or love. Cancer and Pisces enjoy a harmonious day with loved ones; Taurus senses opposition; Virgo and Capricorn can help Taurus and have the opportunity for financial or love communication. Libra and Sagittarius are neutral. Aries and Gemini adjust to intense communication. Leo and Aquarius have stubborn control issues possibly about finances.

10/16: quarter Moon in the signs of Capricorn and Libra, who are challenging each other, and drawing Aries and Cancer in. Taurus and Virgo can help Capricorn, with Gemini and Aquarius helping Libra. Quarter Moon days usually indicate buy with the unexpected.

10/17: Moon goes into Aquarius.

10/18: No exact planetary relationships.

10/19: Sun and Moon in harmony, bringing a nice day for everyone. Communication is peaceful and harmonious, possibly with a well-though-out solution. Moon goes into Pisces after 4 pm ET, and communication gets contentious again. If there are protests, they are stubbornly persist, well financed and opposed to change. The planet indicate they are against the majority and the new.

10/20: No exact planetary relationships

10/21: No exact planetary relationships

10/22: Very early a quincunx day when things do not go as expected, after which the Moon goes into Aries. Later in the day an opportunity for agreement. The financial person offers a solution to the financial situation to the one in power. Good day for Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces, then Capricorn and Virgo..

10/23: Sun goes into Scorpio. This is the month for Scorpio to initiate; Taurus experiences relationship focus; Cancer and Pisces enjoy smooth situations; Virgo and Capricorn have opportunity for practical financial situations; Libra and Sagittarius are neutral; Aries and Gemini adjust to intense people and perhaps requests for financial information. Leo and Aquarius have control issues over money.

10/23: day of financial opposition. The financial controller is asking the checkbook keeper to look ahead and could meet with delay. Scorpio and Taurus having communication issues, followed by Leo and Aquarius. Cancer and Pisces can help Scorpio, with Virgo and Capricorn helping Taurus.

10/24: Moon goes into Taurus to create a full Moon in Taurus and Scorpio. The areas of the body for this full Moon are the neck, throat, thyroid and voice; the generative organs, large intestine and anus. Control issues abound. The fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius the most affected. Again, Virgo and Capricorn can help Taurus; with Cancer and Pisces helping Scorpio.

10/24 cont’d: Opportunity for conciliation. The financial person, who may be young, offers a good idea to the established entity. Astrologically, Scorpio offers the opportunity to Capricorn. Remember opportunities require action to be experienced. Also a good day for Cancer, Pisces, Virgo and Capricorn.

10/25: No exact planetary relationships

10/26: Moon goes into Gemini and creates a quincunx day when things do not go as expected and are better when you adjust. Unexpected communication may come from Gemini or young people. Also, Sun and Venus are together in Scorpio who may initiate romance or intimacy. Good day for Scorpio romantically and financially if you will act. Taurus has opposition. Leo and Aquarius have control issue. Cancer and Pisces enjoy a good day romantically and financially. Libra and Sagittarius are neutral. Aries and Gemini adjust to intensity. Virgo and Capricorn have the opportunity for romance or financial benefits if you will look outside work and accept.

10/27: Another day of opportunity for beneficial, practical, financial situation if the opportunity is accepted. Scorpio and Capricorn work together for this. Cancer and Pisces along with Virgo and Taurus benefit. Good day for everyone.

10/28: Moon goes into Cancer.

10/29: Sun and Moon getting along, revealing a armonious emotional day for everyone. Good financial news about a renegotiation. This is quiet, but long-lasting.

10/30: Moon goes into Leo.

10/31: quarter Moon in the signs of Leo and Scorpio, who experience control issues, along with Taurus and Aquarius. Mercury goes into Sagittarius through Jan. 5 because it goes retrograde Nov. 16 and direct Dec 6.

10/31 cont’d: Retrograde Venus backs into Scorpio, asking Scorpio and all of us, to look at romantic relationships and financial situations to learn if corrections need to be made. Venus goes direct Nov. 16 when decisions may come to fruition

10/31 cont’d: relationship challenges, especially for the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. The Halloween costumes may be more ghoulish than ususal. Communication or the news changes hourly and is unstable and incomplete

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