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Feb 13, 2021

Feb 13 Impeachment Trial details.

Details of the impeachment trial beginning Feb 13, 2021
To the USA and Donald Trump’s charts

Mercury is retrograde, but the USA has a natal retrograde Mercury, meaning things go well for the USA under it.

To state what has been stated in all the previous political articles: the interpretations are as if the planets are talking; this is a pure interpretation of the planetary relationships, not my opinion, idea or desire

This morning the news was that the senate voted to hear witnesses, so let us look at all the planets for the next few days. The USA happenings are with the times of day because the transiting Moon is included, Donald Trump’s without the times because the process is in the USA congress.

Feb 13 USA: the vote to hear witnesses. As this is being written senate is in recess until 12:30 pm. At 1:30 looks like good communication and possible agreement. All is quiet until 6:30 when there is high emotion. If it goes to 8:30 pm there is no resolution. If goes even later, to almost midnight, there is at least an agreement to continue tomorrow. (T Mercury trine N Saturn sextile N asc, T Venus trine N Saturn, T Moon trine N Sun, T Moon square N asc quincunx N Saturn square N Mars oppose N Neptune trine N Mercury).

Feb 13: D. Trump: Mildly good, and he is self confident. (T Venus trine Chiron).

Feb 14 USA: before the trial convenes, there may be more inclined to convict, but this is not revealed. The Republicans disagree all day with the witnesses and the process. The Moon goes into Aries adding anger and disputation, with disagreement and challenges to the process itself and to the office of the presidency. At 5:52 pm may recess. At 10:25 pm high emotions towards the Republicans. (T Moon sextile N Pluto, into Aries, square N Venus, oppose Mc or conjunct Desc, square N Jupiter trine N North Node).

Feb 14 D. Trump: Change in the perception of his actions as the president. (T Sun quincunx Venus).

Feb 15 USA: before convening, seems more are leaning to changing their vote; the Democrats are strong and focused; the Republicans arguing and opposing, but emotions seem to be with the Republicans and against the Democrats. (T Moon sextile N Uranus square N Sun, trine N asc, oppose N Saturn).

Feb 15: D. Trump: he is vigorously opposed and great desire to impeach, although good outlook for him, his money and his presidency, possibly meaning he is not convicted, thereby keeping his retirement and protection. There is a movement to prevent him from going to his past. ( T Sun oppose Na Mars, t Venus trine both N Jupiter and N Uranus, t Mars quincunx N South Node).

Feb 16 USA: it is strongly felt to create balance for the nation, indecisiveness to convict early before convening. At 10:32 am more strong, emotional arguments,  with some agreement at 4:41 pm, then failure to convict at 05:16 pm. (T Chiron trine North Node, T Moon conjunct N Chiron, sextile N Mars, quincunx N Neptune, square N Mercury, sextile N Moon, square N Pluto).

Feb 16 D Trump: somehow he is trying to establish a residence in a different country because he is uneasy here. (T Mars quincunx N Moon).

Feb 17 USA: Opportunity to end and save face if the trial goes this far. Seems is it is more civil, but inconclusive. (T Moon sextile N Venus, quincunx n Mc, sextile N Jupiter & Chiron, square N nodes).

Feb 17 D. Trump: it seems quietly to go his way. (T Venus trine n North Node).

Feb 18 USA: overall a smooth day. Agreement about the law, agreement about the terror during the riots, desire to create a higher law regarding the situations. Republicans have the opportunity to create justice, law and order. By 07:40 pm should be a resolution or agreement about a higher law. (T Venus trine N Mars, T Mars trine N Neptune, t Jupiter sextile N asc, T Moon sextile N Sun, quincunx N asc & Saturn, trine N Neptune, sextile N Mercury).

Feb 18 D. Trump: Very difficult day for him with strong opposition to him and how he conducted the presidency. The beginning of a process that repeats July 10 ends Dec 25, 2021. This could be a process of denying him the ability of holding federal office again.  He does have friends who offer him an opportunity for a possible residence. (T Pluto oppose N Venus; T Sun oppose Asc, T Venus sextile N Moon).

Feb 19 USA: (if it goes this long). Before convening, feelings towards conviction, but not revealed. Disagreement now about yesterday’s resolution. Desire to end the trial 06:21 pm. (T Venus quincunx N Neptune, T Moon square n Moon, trine N Pluto, trine N Mc).

Feb 19 D. Trump: Good day and he is acquitted if it has gone this far. Also an opportunity for a new career.  (T Venus trine N Sun).

Feb 20 USA: (again if it goes this long). Before convening, more changes of opinion whether to impeach. Still mild disagreement or talk, but the Republicans and Democrats want to balance and agree and end the trial. If it has gone this long, the end of the trial without impeachment. (T Jupiter trine N Saturn, T Venus quincunx N Mercury, T Moon trine South Node, conjunct N Uranus, oppose N Asc, trine N Saturn).

Donald Trump has a very difficult 2021 beginning with the transit cycle or phase that begins Feb 18. There are several difficult transit cycles or phases that go through 2022. Some of this is talked about in the impeachment podcast that can be found here: https://anchor.fm/patty-finlayson. 

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