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Feb 17, 2021

How can Pisces virtues or qualities help me?


Pisces time virtues
It is Pisces time from February 18, 2021, 5:43:48 am Eastern time
through March 21, 2021.
The rays of the Sun are coming through the constellation of Pisces - for astrologers and your horoscope chart wheel - meaning the sun’s rays “pick up and distribute” the qualities of Pisces as they shine on us.
How can you make the best of this? We will concentrate on the good qualities of Pisces.
The good qualities, or virtues, of Pisces are gentle compassion, quiet humor, creativity, intuitive imagination and dreams. Pisces is associated with feet and eyes.
Starting with yourself, can you be gently compassionate with your feet and eyes, doing what is best for them? That will help your physical self. Would you want to increase your intuition or imagination in whatever way is best for you? This may draw you closer to the Universal Forces to enhance your spiritual life.
With others, can you be compassionate, communicate with quiet humor and pause to listen to your intuition before responding? This may improve relationships.
If you believe these seemingly simple exercises will help you, please do them. If you want to correspond with Patty please email me.
For those of you who know your astrology horoscope chart, you may want to focus the Pisces virtues to the specific area of your life that Pisces covers. This means the houses where Pisces is in your chart. Seldom is a house from 00 degrees, so the Pisces energy probably includes two houses or areas of your life.
For instance, looking at the mundane, or everyday, chart of tomorrow at 1:15 pm, Aquarius is at 13 degrees on the cusp of the 9th house of religion, travel, higher education and higher courts. Pisces is at 9 degrees of the 10th house of career, reputation and one parent. This means Pisces radiates through the 9th house or area of your life for a few days, then radiates through the 10th house of career, etc. If you want to try the exercise of compassion, be compassionate with those of other cultures, or travel, etc. until Pisces travels into the 10th house; which you then be compassionate with one of your parents, your boss or your company. This is just an example.
To receive a quick explanation of where Pisces is in your personal chart,

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