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May 30, 2021

Celestial forecast May 30 to June 6 2021


My intent is to help you gain understanding of your situation, help you see the opportunities within each challenge and how to apply them. Whether through astrology, tarot, wisdom gained through life experience, advice from your loved ones on the other side or the Masters, my desire is to help you.



Mercury is retrograde through June 22 in the sign of Gemini.

 This retrograde may see many glitches in communication, travel, your computer and cell phone. Be prepared to be flexible, like a Gemini.

 There is an inner planetary line-up with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and the North Node in Gemini, almost guaranteeing more social life and good conversation. (My previous predictions had revealed that vaccinations would be freely available to all by now, which seems to be). This line-up activates Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius.


USA continues the negotiations with a foreign entity, which could be the Iran treaty, the pipeline hack, China or North Korea or all of them. This seems to go away after June 7 but actually continues through January 13, 2022.

 May 30: things do not go as expected, especially with conversations and talk with Gemini. Be flexible and accommodate unexpected interruptions and it will be better than expected. Your loved one may be more talkative about light-hearted things today and be out of synch with the practical. Communication should adjust to reality with the more experienced person of established situation. Gemini accommodates - eek - hard reality with the more powerful person. Gemini and Libra adjust to practical reality and to the effective, established person or situation. Moon goes into Aquarius adding the desire to be with friends or be friendly, and business turning to inventions and groups.

May 30 USA: opportunity for police or the armed forces to become more compassionate - or - there is an opportunity for the supreme court to accept a case regarding them. Congress could create an opportunity for a new law. We’ll see what comes of it.

 May 31: Memorial Day when we honor all the military veterans who helped establish and secure our country.

 June 1: Moon goes into creative, gentle Pisces, bringing compassion and humor to the day.

 June 2: Venus goes into Cancer through Jun 27. Venus likes being in Cancer. Your loved one may be interested in the home, family, food, comfort and just a little clingy. This is good for Cancer to further plans for home and other activities. Capricorn may be pressed to be with family instead of work. Scorpio and Pisces enjoy pleasant times. Taurus and Virgo have the opportunity to be included in home and family activities. Aries and Libra have slightly stressful situations around home, family and food. Gemini and Leo are neutral. Sagittarius and Aquarius adjust to requests to be home with family instead of travel and groups.

 June 2: also: quarter Moon in the signs of Pisces and Gemini who feel it the most, being irritated because of lack of understanding. Virgo and Sagittarius also irritated with both vagueness and too-fast communication Cancer and Scorpio can help Pisces, with Libra and Aquarius helping Gemini.

 June 3: Moon goes into active, creative and me-too Aries, adding energy to the day.

 June 4: opposition to immigrant situation eased by the president along with challenges from DC. Good news on the employment/worker and medical situations.

 June 5: stressful relationships, especially for Cancer and Capricorn, with Aries and Libra experiencing stressful situation. This is between families and the established ones, meaning possible conflict about the immigrant family situations. Scorpio and Pisces can help Cancer, with Virgo and Taurus helping Capricorn. This situation is helped by co-operation, with each coming to the middle to cooperate.

 June 5 USA: challenge to the president and presidency from either the workforce or previous president.

 June 6: Moon goes into gentle, stubborn Taurus, bringing stability and common sense to the day.

 June 6 USA: congress forces a change in an appropriations bill.

 Remember that your free will - how you choose to act - during these times determines how you manage your planetary phases or cycles and what the results will be. Choosing to act for the highest good of all means you have benefits and opportunities during these situations, even the difficult ones.

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