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Sep 22, 2018

Happy Fall Equinox 2018

Happy Fall Equinox
Sept 22 2018 at 9:54 pm ET

The Sun crosses the celestial equator - moving from north to south - on September 23, creating the fall equinox. How is it possible for an equinox Sun to rise due east – and set due west – for everyone around the world? How can you visualize it? Illustrations here at t earth sky explaining the astronomy.

The equinoxes and solstices relate to each other. The Fall equinox is when the Sun enters 00 degrees Libra, the summer equinox is when the Sun enters 00 degrees  Cancer, the winter solstice is when the Sun enter 00 Capricorn and the spring equinox is when the Sun enters degrees 00 Aries. This is important to those of you (us) who are born on these dates, which are not always the same date each year.

The fall equinox is also happy birthday for early Libra. This is the time for you to begin new activities.

Happy challenges to early Cancer and Capricorn, related to what happened on the summer solstice. Challenges are times to make decisions to resolve a previous challenge or recognize a new one to operate with.

Happy challenging relationship to early Aries, who are asked to cooperate and be in a partnership for a few days.

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