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Sep 28, 2018

Judge Kavanaugh saga.

Sept 28 through Oct 12.

Judge Kavanagh’s nomination on Tuesday October 2 ?
The news is changing as this is being written.

9/28; global neutral.

9/28 USA: more surprises. Pres. Trump ordered another FBI probe, and both Mr, Judge and Judge K agreed to cooperate.

9/30 global: “adjustments” from the media.

9/30 USA: neutral

9/30 Judge Kavanaugh: communication good, with an adjustment regarding his family. Moon goes into Gemini, in good relation with his Aquarian planets.

10/2: The global planetary relationships (aspects) indicate more arguments. There is also a quarter Moon in the signs of Cancer and Libra, suggesting the planets urge for arguments.  It has been asked to delay the vote for one week for the FBI to conduct the seventh investigation. If this happens, this puts the floor vote to Tuesday, Oct 9.

The new Moon in Libra on Oct 8 may accelerate things, but is close enough to indicate continuing, powerful arguments.

10/2 USA: Continued, serious opposition. This trend began Jan 15, repeated Aug 10 and ends today. The opposition is to both the office of the president and to the person of the president. Continued incomplete and distorted news, coming from the area of the news media, challenging both the law and Americans ourselves. This is the dissolving of clear communication and dissolving of the rule of law itself, not specifically Mr. Kavanagh. This began March 17, repeats Oct 2 and goes through Jan 15, 2019. Additionally, strong forces dredge up past USA mistakes about or from groups of men, the subject sex, self worth and money. The only good astrological indication is good trend that began Feb 14, repeated March 31 and ends Oct 2, which is an opportunity from behind the scenes for truth and good news for the Supreme Court.

10/2 Judge Kavanagh: one aspect says he communicates well, another indicates there is an adjustment, and yet other is strong opposition to him and his family.

10/3 global: Moon goes into Leo.

10/3 Judge Kavanagh: more adjustment to communication from the news.

10/4 global: better emotional atmosphere with an attempt to harmony.

10/4 USA; more harmony with communication focused on the law.

10/4 Judge Kavanagh: communication is more balanced and focused on his legal expertise. 

10/5: global: Venus goes retrograde at 10 Scorpio 50, not making a direct relationship to either the USA or Judge K’s charts. However, when Venus goes retrograde, the general explanation is that any relationship glitches are usually from the woman or her mistakes.

10/5 Judge Kavanagh: communication more harmonious.

10/6 USA: vociferous, frequent challenges to the Supreme Court itself.

Oct 6 from the news: Obama AG Eric Holder questions legitimacy of Supreme Court after Kavanaugh confirmation. Protesters gather at Kavanaugh confirmation vote, shout ‘shame on you’ in Senate gallery.

10/7 global: legal communications causes an adjustment.

10/7 USA opportunity for good communications, but still opposing the president.

10/8 USA: conflicting communications with some conciliation but more strong challenges.

10/8 Judge Kavanagh: some in authority agree or are with him; he is forceful but the same strong forces dredging up past USA mistakes are bashing Mr K, his wife and his profession and continue through 10/10.

10/9 USA: Mercury goes into Scorpio, otherwise neutral.

10/9 Judge K: The opposition continues to him and his family. The same strong forces dredging up past USA mistakes.

10/11 USA: Mercury indicates the vote goes to the floor, with favorable aspects that are good for the Supreme Court and good communications. The charges would have been cleared, the situation for the Supreme Court good, and the office of the presidency receives good news.

10/11: Judge Kavanaugh: an adjustment.

However, October 12 is the last day of a process of strong activity trying to end the office of the presidency itself.

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