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Sep 14, 2018

Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence

Our prayers go out to those of you in the path of Florence. Even though the winds are lessened, the waters are high, those in her path are experiencing flooding and loss of  power.

When you recover from the storm, and if there is a gofundme page to help, please send the link to me and I will forward it to this newsletter group. Also know the Red Cross and other charities are already mobilizing to help. I am not on Facebook, so the link to gofundme would be appreciated, so our group may contribute directly, if we so choose.

You, and other weather “victims” world-wide are in the prayers of our weekly prayer group.

Thank you to those of you who know I live on the East Coast, asking if I am okay. To locate where I live, on the USA map, go to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. My town is about 60 miles south and inland from the beach itself. Our location is just south of what they call on the weather “the I-95 Corridor,” which is north of our town, and sends the weather north of here. We very seldom have extreme weather in this little pocket of Delaware. Even when the beaches flood, we do not experience it. It is a blessed, although quiet, place.

Again, our prayers are with you to be okay, receive your Highest Good and recover quickly if needed.

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