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Jul 11, 2021

Celestial forecast July 11 through July 18 2021

Pluto is still at 25 degrees Capricorn, Neptune is still at 23 degrees Pisces, Uranus is at 14 degrees Taurus and Saturn is at 11 degrees Aquarius. This means if you have these degrees in your chart, they will be activated. How depends upon how the planets interact with each other. A short talk with Patty the Astrologer can help you identify and understand.

July 11: Mercury goes into Cancer through July 21. Cancer talks even more than usual, possibly about home and family. However, some Cancers are independent, love to travel and may be delighted to be able to at least visit family now. Capricorn may be asked to talk more about family, Aries and Libra have challengingly exciting conversations about family, home and food. Scorpio and Pisces have good communication, Taurus and Virgo have the opportunity to be included in nice conversations; Gemini and Leo are neutral, with Sagittarius and Aquarius adjusting to talk about home, family and food instead of travel, friends and groups.

July 12: nice day of communication: emotionally good and good with families. The atmosphere is conducive for being psychic, or knowing things ahead of time, especially for the water signs of Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer.

July 12 USA: Communication taking exception to the office of the presidency about a law or agreement, possibly with a foreign entity.

July 13: Mars and Venus are together in Leo, bringing a good love and creative day for Leo who may be more assertive than usual in a good way, such as inviting others to their event.  However, Aquarius may be asked to at least appreciate their partner, not something easily done with Aquarius. Aries and Sagittarius may be invited to a lavish social event. Gemini and Libra have the opportunity to be social, too, and have a good time. Cancer and Virgo are in a good neutral space because they are each next-door astrology neighbors with Leo and get along well. However, Taurus and Scorpio may experience control issues, possibly over spending to much money. Capricorn and Pisces adapt to a lot of social activity. Moon goes into detail-oriented Virgo, focusing on sequential or linear thinking.

July 13 USA: good or pleasing communication with the president about yesterdays news. Could be a suggestion make an existing law regarding the foreign entities better.

July 14 USA: opportunity day, meaning good situations proposed need to be acted upon. A higher court or foreign entity offers or accepts an opportunity and the president proposes a new law that is good for all.

July 15: Chiron goes direct at 12 degrees Aries 55 minutes. The atmosphere changes to being more self assured and courageous. Aries may take the initiative for a new activity, inviting Leo and Sagittarius.  Also today, the Sun and Neptune are getting along, indicating a very good day for Cancer and Pisces, followed by Scorpio. Capricorn may be asked to pay attention to family instead of work and career and will be glad if he does. Another psychic day when you may be aware of things ahead of time. Moon goes into diplomatic, relationship-oriented Libra, adding graciousness to the day, especially if Aries is being just a little too verbally provocative.

July 15 USA: busy! News or announcement regarding the Republicans and the law that adjusts or tweaks voting for the majority of the voters. This may be uncomfortable to the values and freedom of the country, looking to the past. Separately, opportunity for a good trade agreement or agreement with an ally or about an adversary.

July 16: see-saw or quincunx day when things do not go as expected because of minor interruptions, asking you to adapt to them. Humbleness is the theme of the day, meaning letting our pride go before helping others. Leo is trying to no avail to accomplish a creative or social activity and people may not be able to attend. Good day with children, though.

July 16 USA: foreign entity or higher court agrees with a law or agreement.

July 17: the Sun is opposing Pluto, revealing opposition or one-on-one interaction with another that is full of tension. There is tension between Cancer and Capricorn or family and career. The solution is to cooperate and meet in the middle of each person’s perceived necessity. Aries and Libra could have a tense day, too. This is all about leadership: who is in charge and who will begin the project. Again, cooperation is the key. Scorpio and Pisces can help Cancer, with Taurus and Virgo helping Capricorn. Also a quarter Moon in the signs of Libra and Cancer, indicating a tension-filled day with impulsive changes and leadership issues, especially between Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Early afternoon the Moon goes into Scorpio the manager, who manages the situation.

    Here is a story about leadership signs: years ago, I attended an Edgar Cayce conference. Part of the entertainment were skits on the stage. The person in charge put those of the same sign together to quickly create a skit. Well, I am a Cancer, so we Cancers - one of the leadership signs - were all telling each other what to do, resulting in nobody paying attention to anybody else, hence no skit. That became our skit, though and everybody laughed.

July 17 USA: adjustment, tweak or accommodation made regarding the Republicans or by the Republicans regarding the office of the presidency. This is the middle date of a process or phase that is uncomfortable.

July 18: a see-saw or Quincunx day when nothing goes as expected, nothing! Interruptions all day, requiring you to adapt to the interruptions and be flexible. When you are flexible on these days and adapt, the day goes much better than expected. Cancer cannot communicate well with Aquarius and needs to adapt to the abstract and the future. Leo adapts to financial reality, having to spend less and also adapt to other’s creativity or not showing up. This means the helpers are Scorpio and Pisces for Cancer, Gemini and Libra for Aquarius, and Aries and Sagittarius for Leo. 

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