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Jul 2, 2021

Meet King Cancer and Lady Moon.

 King Cancer's birthday is the first day of summer, so he is a summer king, enjoying warm weather and warm surroundings.

King Cancer and Lady Moon were sitting in comfortable chairs looking over their river kingdom and boat chariot. Their pet animals are crabs, which scuttle around on the beach, moving sideways before backing into their protective holes in the sand. Hmm... King Cancer is sort of like that. When he feels confronted, he moves sideways by changing the conversation and will sometimes leave the conversation and area altogether to back into his protective space. He does this sometimes when King Aries and Knight Mars are a little too provocative.

A light chariot flew in and landed on the beach. King Gemini and Knight Mercury stepped out to meet their neighbors. King Cancer noted that Knight Mercury had wings on his shoes and wondered how he could fly so easily because King Cancer preferred to travel on the water. King Gemini is friendly and had met King Cancer and Lady Moon before. King Cancer had cautioned King Gemini not to flirt with his Lady Moon, so King Gemini behaved himself.

King Cancer made King Gemini and Knight Mercury comfortable, offering them food and libation. King Cancer talked about making his home even more comfortable with beautiful furniture and accessories. Lady Moon talked about her new recipes and how she loved to entertain by having dinner parties to show off her cooking skills. King Gemini skillfully complimented them and offered creative suggestions. King Gemini also offered to introduce new people to King Cancer and Lady Moon for their next occasion.

Because to King Cancer and Lady Moon friends are like family, King Gemini and Knight Mercury are part of their extended family. They visit with each other frequently and help each other out when needed. King Cancer helps King Gemini by offering him a comfortable place to be when he is tired of flying around.

King Cancer, Lady Moon, King Taurus and Lady Venus are good friends, sharing their love of comfort and good food. King Taurus calms and stabilizes King Cancer when he is too impulsive. Lady Venus helps Lady Moon’s changeable moods by being a practical and stable friend, listening to Lady Moon, knowing this mood will pass.

King Cancer, King Aries and Knight Mars sometimes have a contentious time together because King Aries and Knight Mars like to provoke and have exciting, stimulating conversations. King Cancer does not like arguments but will defend himself; we could actually say King Cancer is very defensive about himself, his home and family. When he is defensive, he is surprisingly strong in his defense, too.

They invited King Aries, Knight Mars, King Taurus and Lady Venus to join them for a ride in their water chariot, which is quite comfortable with soft pillows on the deck chairs. Since Knight Mars likes to be first in and in charge, they let him begin the trip. However, it was a very quick, almost abrupt beginning, which alarmed King Taurus and King Cancer. After a while, King Cancer took over and skillfully piloted the chariot through the river, with Lady Moon successfully navigating with the stars.

They had a wonderful chariot ride on the river which was calm, complete with food and drinks. The wind was soft that day, coming from the south. However Lady Moon saw a cloud in the distance, and knowing from her experience with the universe, advised they go back. They arrived at King Cancer’s palace just in time, before the south wind blew too hard.

They all went into King Cancer’s palace to talk about their ride on the river, and then bid a goodbye. King Aries left in his very fast land chariot with Knight Mars driving, King Taurus left in his substantial land chariot with Lady Venus by his side, and King Gemini left in his flying chariot, piloted by Knight Mercury.

They said they would come together a little later to visit King Leo and Knight Sun.

Have a wonderful summer. 
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