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Jul 4, 2021

Celestial forecast July 4 to July 11 2021

Pluto is now at 25 degrees Capricorn, Neptune is at 23 degrees Pisces, and Uranus is at 14 degrees Taurus. The North Node is at 10 degrees Gemini and the South Node is at 10 degrees Sagittarius. This means if you have these degrees in your horoscope, they will be activated. How depends upon the relationship angles between the planets with your horoscope. A short conversation with Patty can help you identify and understand it in plain English.

July 4: USA Independence Day or the USA Birthday. Mild tension between family and a member who wants to be alone or have their own activity. Busy day and enjoyable for those who enjoy change and mild challenge, especially for Cancer & Aries, followed by Libra and Capricorn. Capricorn can be the practical and realistic one.

July 4 USA: Happy Birthday, USA! Good day with people happy, free and traveling. The president makes a good change in his schedule, the media is forthright.

July 5: Moon goes into talkative Gemini, joining the North Node and Mercury, indicating a day with much communication or sparkling conversation. Moods are light-hearted and changing.

July 5 USA: good situation with the office of the presidency, possibly because of financial situation. But confusing news or a lot of rain, hopefully for the western wildfires. Confusing and disappointing news about a foreign ally or enemy. If the troops have left Afghanistan, there is a void that is confusing and incomplete from our view. There could be a Supreme Court or other high court  announcement that is disappointing to some.

July 6: attempt to balance personal activities with those of the group. There may be the desire to spend on unnecessary but beautiful item, with a need for fiscal balance. Your loved one wants to be noticed and appreciated, but work or duty may be required. Be discerning in what is in the media because it is confused, vague, incomplete and perhaps not true. If this is the weather, it could be cold and raining. Leo is trying to balance their own interests with those of the group or work and may seem unappreciated. Gemini is trying to communicate to no avail because of confusing “facts.”

July 6 USA: challenge to the presidency from an enemy or former ally, possibly over a legal agreement or law.

July 7: no exact astrological aspects.

July 7 USA: the president offers a financial situation pleasing to the people and the workforce.

July 8: the vague or misleading communication of July 6 is corrected by the hard facts and there is change in the situation or balance of relationship of July 6. There may be a correction in the bitcoin market, or proposals for changes in banking. Leo and Uranus are in a tense situation regarding money and possessions. Gemini adjusts their thinking and conversation because of practical, hard facts. Moon goes into home and family Cancer joining the sun.

July 9: new Moon in Cancer. New Moon’s are the time for new start, especially for Cancer, meaning do something about their idea. Capricorn experiences opposition or stress between home and work. Aries and Cancer have mild stress over family, work, relationships and independence. Great day for Scorpio and Pisces. Taurus and Virgo have the opportunity to be included in family activities. Gemini and Leo are neutral. Aquarius and Sagittarius adjust to requests for family interests instead of travel or groups.

July 9 USA: the president announces another mildly good financial situation that helps his presidency, the press is kind to this and makes an accommodation or adjustment to the realistic facts.

July 10: Moon goes into dramatic, generous Leo adding creativity to the day.

July 11: Mercury goes into Cancer through July 21. Cancer talks even more than usual, possibly about home and family. However, some Cancers are independent, love to travel and may be delighted to be able to at least visit family now. Capricorn may be asked to talk more about family, Aries and Libra have challengingly exciting conversations about family, home and food. Scorpio and Pisces have good communication, Taurus and Virgo have the opportunity to be included in nice conversations; Gemini and Leo are neutral, with Sagittarius and Aquarius adjusting to talk about home, family and food instead of travel, friends and groups.

The remainder of this week the energy is focused on Leo, because Venus and Mars are in Leo, with the Moon joining them for a day. The weather may become hotter, expenditures on beautiful, but non-essential items to just show off now that you are in society again. 

This forecast is very general. For you accurate celestial forecast Contact Patty.

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