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Apr 18, 2021

April 18 through April 25 2021

Beginning April 19, the Sun, Mercury and Venus go into Taurus for the rest of the week, indicating a good week for Taurus, tense relationships for Scorpio and tense situations for Leo and Aquarius. Virgo and Capricorn enjoy good work week or with practical endeavors. Cancer and Pisces have opportunities to be included in practical activities.

About your garden: it seems some are eager to clear out debris from the winter and begin to plant. Astrologically, the best time to begin planting is the new Moon in Taurus which will be May 11 this yea, because Taurus is the sign of planting. We should be sure of no more frost from May 11 forward. One year when the new Moon was late, even I questioned the timing, but, lo and behold, we had a frost just before the Moon. Have fun planting when you do.

April 18: yesterday’s new idea and activity adjusts to practical necessity and the activity moves forward. Aries is communicating well with Libra experiencing direct conversations, as do Cancer and Capricorn. Gemini adjusts and scales back activity.

April 18 USA: exact date of the focus on the past and the insurrectionists. Emotions are high with many paying attention; the press or communication loudly challenges Democrats but good news about being “let out”, meaning perhaps gatherings now possible. Also could be financial situation improving for the population. The president offers an opportunity for the resolution of the immigrant situation which needs to be accepted by the Republicans to go into effect.

April 18 President Biden: first date of a cycle of phase which repeats October and ends in February 2022. His self confidence has the opportunity to be encouraged because of legal, partnership or ally cooperation. This is the only outer planetary relationship for him this week.

April 19: Mercury and the Sun go into Taurus. Mercury through May 3, the Sun through My 20. Good time for Taurus to get moving with projects and communicate about them. Scorpio has control issue relationships; Leo and Aquarius experience control issue circumstances. Good time for Virgo and Capricorn’s practical activities. Aries and Gemini neutral. Cancer and Pisces have opportunities for practical or financial endeavors with Taurus friends beneficial. Libra and Sagittarius adjust to activities slowing down because of attention to what is sure and certain.

April 19 USA: focus on the past may continue through today. Adjustment or amendment of a law about expenditures and involves Congress. The president’s proposal creates tension trying to balance both the budget and the purpose of the USA which is generosity and self reliance.

April 20: Moon goes into Leo forming a quarter Moon in Leo and Taurus who experience control issues and adding tension or stress for Scorpio and Aquarius, possibly because of drama or someone one demands attention. Good though for Aries and Sagittarius and opportunity for Gemini and Libra to be social. Pisces and Capricorn adjust to drama.

April 20 USA: attention and the press on a court case, which astrologically is a good outcome, but may cause more unrest.

April 21: no exact astrological aspects.

April 22 Earth Day: Venus and Uranus conjunct or together, indicating increase in money, probably the crypto currency, which is in the process of becoming more secure and mainstream. This enhances Taurus good month although expect some good change. Scorpio has more stubborn relationship control issues, with Leo and Aquarius having more stubborn control circumstances. Extra good time for Virgo and Capricorn’s activities and continued opportunities for Cancer and Pisces benefits. Aries and Gemini neutral. Libra and Sagittarius adjust to even more interruptions. Moon goes into Virgo forming a great relationship with the Sun, soothing the above tension. Good for Taurus and Virgo to work together.

April 22 USA: higher court gives a opportunity to resolve a workplace issues and is good for the president plus an opportunity expressed to resolve the immigration situation or the opportunity for good dialogue with Republicans.

April 23: Mars goes into Cancer through June 12. Good time for Cancer to launch projects. Capricorn may have unplanned relationship situation. Aries and Libra’s projects are challenged but this is fun for them. Scorpio and Pisces may be invited to a nice activity to give financial and creative input. Gemini and Leo are neutral. Sagittarius and Aquarius adjust to family-oriented activities or caring for others. Mild adjustment between wanting to be secure but past situations alert you to be little flexible. Taurus may help Sagittarius be a little more settled, with Sagittarius helping Taurus being little more free. Day of mild interruption for everyone. the happenings of April 22 are talked about. Taurus communicates more today possibly about money, food or sex, but probably money - that cybercurrency again. The same situations written above for all the other signs.

April 23 USA: situation about children asks the office of the president to adjust a decision. Also, first date of a process that re-focuses Aug 19 and is complete by Dec 13 this year of 2021. Should be a large expenditure for many or for groups. Since this is a process, the decision may be today, with negotiations going through Aug 19 with part of the expenditure and more Dec 13.

April 24: today communication is changing, with continual adjustments between what is thought to be safe and the new and free.  Tension between the old and new, the cybercurrency speculation may slow or be stopped. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius have a tense day. Virgo and Capricorn can help Taurus, Aries and Sagittarius can help Leo; Cancer and Pisces can help Scorpio, with Gemini and Libra helping Aquarius. Moon goes into Libra forming a quincunx or see-saw relationship with the Sun, revealing a day of impulsive interruptions, asking you to be flexible. When you are the day goes well.

April 25: Good communication for Taurus, with Scorpio yet again having relationship focus about money.

April 25 USA: favorable court decision and an opportunity for cooperation with the Republicans, remembering that opportunities must be accepted to manifest. Maybe this means the court decision is favorable for the Republicans. Also communication makes an adjustment regarding the immigrants.

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