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Apr 19, 2021

Meet King Taurus


King Taurus and Lady Venus were enjoying their domain. A red chariot sped by, screeched to a halt and backed up. The red chariot stopped in front of them and a lithe, quick King Aries hopped out to greet them. King Aries introduced himself, called Knight Mars over and began a conversation. It was not long before Knight Mars eyed Lady Venus, provoking a comment from King Taurus: "She is mine." That did not deter Knight Mars from flirting with Lady Venus anyway, since he is so assertive and charming.

King Aries wanted to see King Taurus' chariot, so they walked to the garage. King Taurus' chariot was sturdy and earth green and brown in color. King Taurus told King Aries that he prefers to keep his feet firmly planted on the ground and really did not enjoy flying about at great speeds, so he created this well-built, dependable chariot for himself and Lady Venus. Although a sturdy chariot, King Taurus had it fitted luxuriously, purchased on sale, of course. Lady Venus was happy with the chariot and made sure King Taurus was loved and well fed. King Taurus drove the chariot with Lady Venus at his side. They enjoyed slow drives around their kingdom. 

Lady Venus made King Aries and Knight Mars comfortable, serving them yummy food. Later King Taurus showed King Aries where he kept his pet bull, which was in a pen filled with ample food. King Aries was surprised to see that his pet ram was in a pen next to the bull. King Taurus said that the ram wandered over to his farm one day looking for company when King Aries and Knight Mars were on one of their adventures. King Taurus was happy to build a fenced pen for the Aries ram, but expected King Aries to compensate him. King Aries was happy with this arrangement because it left him free for his adventures. 

King Taurus was proud of his domain and the crops he had planted to be harvested later in the year with King Virgo. He showed King Aries around, continually commenting on how much he has, how beautiful it all is, and that "it is all mine."

After a while Lady Venus went inside to get King Taurus' checkbook to be balanced, something King Taurus enjoyed. He even offered to help King Aries keep his money in order. When King Taurus sat down to count his money, King Aries realized it was time to be on his way, but not before making King Taurus and Lady Venus laugh because of his good humor. 

When the pleasant visit was over, King Taurus commented to Lady Venus that King Aries is likeable, but he was so energetic and adventuresome, he could wear King Taurus out. King Taurus sensed that King Aries was so impulsive he would not give King Taurus enough time to think things through before making a decision. 

King Aries commented to Knight Mars that King Taurus was a nice guy, but he was so practical and deliberate that he would slow King Aries down. Knight Mars said to King Aries that King Taurus was loyal, honest and steadfast and could be depended upon. That pleased King Aries, for he could then ask King Taurus to manage his money for him. 

Since they were next door neighbors they decided to get along and appreciate each other, even though they are of different temperaments.

 What is happening with Taurus now 2021?

 Pluto is in harmony with Taurus, bringing beneficial financial situations that will transform a situation and your life.

 Neptune reveals opportunities to express creativity and sensitivity.

 Jupiter and Saturn are in tense relationship because the future is being brought to the present quickly and Taurus does not like change, let alone quickly. 

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