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Apr 4, 2021

Celestial forecast April 4 to April 11 2021

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An especially good week for Gemini, Aquarius and Aries. Mars is in Gemini all week, indicating possible change of ideas and activities and perhaps having spirited conversations with Sagittarius.

There are three planets in Aries throwing Libra off balance because Libra’s relationships want independence and may even rebel. Cancer’s born about the 17th or 18th of their month are feeling intense relationships and Taurus’ born about the 28th or 29th of their month are having changes in relationships. There are three planets in Aquarius opposing Leo, who will experience stubborn relationship control situations.

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Remember that President Biden is also a person, so the indications of him as a president are in the USA writings. Joe Biden’s weekly celestial predictions are for him personally.

April 4 is Christianity’s Easter which is the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus. May you all have a Blessed Day of Joy.

April 4: quarter Moon in the signs of Capricorn and Aries, who experience a challenging day followed by Cancer and Libra. The older or more experienced one is trying to help the youthful or less experienced one, to no avail. Taurus and Virgo can help Capricorn, with Leo and Sagittarius helping Aries. However, with the celestial pattern or planetary relationships so good, it should be a wonderful day for all.

April 4 USA: strong opposition to the Democrats and possibly the office of the presidency. The opposition is impulsive and naive. Since this is Sunday, it could happen other than D.C.

April 4 President Biden: beginning of a phase indicating his humanitarian plans go forth. However, there are other phases or transits challenging this, so it will be interesting. This phase re-focuses September 23, 2021 and ends Feb 4, 2022.

April 5: Moon goes into Aquarius joining Saturn and Jupiter, enhancing Aquarius’ day. Moon in Aquarius adds friendship, non-attachment, or shall we say freedom for others,  and the abstract to the day. Aquarius friends may want recognition.

April 5 USA: First date of a phase or cycle that repeats Sept 13 and ends Nov 20 in 2021. A shift or adjustment in a financial law or agreement. Usually this indicates amendments to bills going through the house and the senate. The planet is Jupiter, the patron planet of the Democrats amending the bills. Also the press challenges the bill and the president.

April 5 President. Biden: good news all day for President Biden; good changes regarding  everyday work and his agreements and partnerships.

April 6: opportunity to add a social flair to activities Aries and Gemini have a good day, hopefully without verbal stirring up (an Aries trait). Sun and Moon getting along, portending a good day, especially for Aquarius and Aries, along with Gemini and Sagittarius.

April 6 President Biden: challenging day with allies, enemies and lawmakers.

April 7: Moon goes into Pisces joining Neptune; adding creativity, gentle humor and a desire to escape.

April 7 USA: the press challenges the Democrats but approves of something financial. The president offers an opportunity to help the immigrant situation.

April 7 President Biden: he makes a mild adjustment to an agreement which is financially beneficial

April 8: no exact astrological aspects.

April 8 USA: the president adjusts to a court decision or he offers an adjustment to a situation with a foreign country. Good news about the work force and medical situation; perhaps good news about more vaccines and effectiveness.

April 9: the planned activities of April 6 may come to naught because of unrealistic expectations. Gemini and Pisces not understanding each other, or Gemini changes plans with Pisces. (I was married with a Gemini, who changed plans frequently; I never knew what to expect and learned to be resilient). Saturn is in harmony with the north and south nodes, indicating the possibly of creating security for many and good news or communication. This also suggests an opportunity for Aquarius to help Sagittarius with humanitarian activities and urging Gemini to engage with their talent for communication.

April 9 USA: possible aggression from an enemy or aggressive action regarding a law or agreement. Could this be another rebellion? The president has strong words about it.

April 9 President Biden: makes an adjustment to a law or agreement, there is an opportunity or a stable agreement or legal situation and he makes and adjustment to his career. This is a Friday, so he is probably coming to Delaware for the weekend, which adjusts how he does America’s business. A note: we experience much traffic disruption when he is here in Delaware. We are such a small state, that closing off the roads to his home affects all of us in New Castle County.

April 10: Mercury joins in the harmony with the north and south nodes, with good communication about yesterday’s attempt, thereby enhancing or helping the security of many. There is also an opportunity offered to the young to take action or the initiative in a group situation. Great day for Gemini, Aquarius and Aries. Moon goes into Aries joining Mercury, the Sun and Venus, stimulating the day’s activities.

April 10 USA: rebels defy the court of law, trying to force change or annulment of that law. The one in authority is strong and takes the opportunity to resolve the situation. If April 9 was unlawful, the administration may reinstate the security around the capitol.

April 10 President Biden: first date of a phase indicating adjustment to his financial investments. Communication or dialogue criticizing or challenging his first child.

April 11: New Moon in the sign of Aries, meaning a lot of Aries energy challenging situations and asking the new creative ideas and activities to pull away from the old and worn-out. The young want to move away from long-established and entrenched situations. Personally Aries may be leaving Capricorn, at least mentally, and stimulating situations with Cancer and Libra. With so much Aries in the sky, it is all about new ideas, new people and the young. Another way to look at it is the rebellious ones may be active today, challenging the status quo. Realize, though, the established rule of order and the entrenched are stronger.

April 11 USA: day begins with a critical press or popular opinion, which then agrees and then opposes. There could be court reversal or at least a tweak or amendment.

April 11 President Biden: the day does not go as expected because of continual, impulsive interruptions.

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