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Nov 7, 2021

November Starcast Nov 7 to Nov 15, 2021

As written for and published in Troika’s Saint Germain Newsletter:

******* StarCast by Patty!

Soul's Purpose Astrologer, Patty Finlayson, brings us tips on our best actions to benefit from the monthly focus and direction of the planets.

It is Scorpio time to express the “virtues” of good money management, introspection of one’s own emotions, personal involvement, and keeping confidences. It is helpful for you to deeply introspect what you think is stable and secure and how you can transform that area of your life by eliminating what does not work. It is time for personal involvement with others to improve a situation. You want to keep confidences, manage finances and try to understand the real, original meaning of your emotions.

Two planets change signs: Mercury into Scorpio, indicating it is time to communicate in a focused, direct and inclusive way with your relationships, manage but not control conversations and communiqués. When others may be blunt or controlling, not to take it personally, try to cooperate the best you can. Also to deeply examine your emotions to learn their cause.

Venus goes into Capricorn through March 2022. Your loved one may be interested in saving money, going inward and seem to be distant. Be compassionate because they may be processing old hurts, not necessarily about you. Basic necessities may be in short supply because of the supply chain is still internationally disrupted. Conserve your resources and focus on what is necessary, saving the luxuriousness until March 2022.

Patty's Celestial forecast for the week

Mercury joins the Sun and Mars in Scorpio making the month emotionally intense or focused. They are in harmony with Pluto, Neptune and Venus, so the energy should be good except... For financial challenges in the changing of money evidenced by the ups and downs of the crypto-currencies and how they are to be handled by countries and big financial firms. Part of the energy wants to expand and part wants to contract, hence stress and control issues.

The November full Moon is the 19th in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, intensifying Scorpio energy against Taurus energy about financial issues that include expansion of the social programs with possible stand-offs that are all about who is in control, not about the bills themselves.

For those of you who know your charts, Pluto is still at 24 degrees Capricorn, Neptune at 20 degrees Pisces. Uranus retrogrades between 12 and 12 degrees Taurus and Saturn at 7 and 8 degrees Aquarius, and Jupiter 22 to 25 degrees Aquarius.

Nov 7:  Moon goes into Capricorn adding practical or career planning to the day.

Nov 8 :no exact astrological aspects.

Nov 9: Moon goes into friendly Aquarius and you may be with your friends.

Nov 10: strong, focused financial communication with equally strong attempts to control the situation. This is stress about who is in control with strong emotions. Scorpio and Aquarius have a very tense day, along with Leo and Taurus. Cancer can help Scorpio but is off balance with Aquarius, meaning Cancer’s feelings are not being felt. Gemini can help Aquarius but is off balance with Scorpio who is not listing to Gemini’s attempts to show all sides of the situation. Libra may help Aquarius and Gemini but may step on Cancer’s feelings. Pisces is confused by the whole thing Taurus is in control of the everyday money and may be stressfully included. Aries either goes on alone of drops little comments to get some action. Sagittarius is the peacemaker so if you are lucky to have a Sagittarius with you they will help smooth things.

Nov 11: better but quirky day adjusting to yesterday. Quarter Moon in the signs of Aquarius and Scorpio indicating stubborn control issues over change, possibly including Leo and Taurus. Cancer and Libra can take leading roles to help resolve things.

Nov 12: better emotional day and a good day to escaping with creativity. Some successful adjustment from the past few days.

Nov 13: financial communication over who controls the checkbook and the portfolio. Scorpio pushes Taurus to make longer-range financial plans. Leo and Aquarius also experience control issues. Cancer and Pisces can sooth Scorpio, Virgo giving Taurus the detail and Capricorn leading Taurus.

Nov 14: no exact astrological aspects.

Nov 15: active but focused day with friends or groups but their may be two people trying to manage. Scorpio and Aquarius each want control; Gemini can reveal all facets and Libra lending gracious diplomacy. 

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All of November Pluto continues the assault on established laws and agreements including the Supreme Court. This also indicates strong congressional opposition or stubborn negotiations about those laws. Because Pluto is the patron planet of secrets, power uprisings and is also the patron planet of the USA hidden house, this opposition could be fomented by secret enemies or just strong opposition from a member of Congress. (T Pluto oppose N Mercury).

All of November the USA’s expansionary outlook for the infrastructure looks successful, with good agreements. Also the nation’s technology expands with home-based manufacturing and business agreements. Very advanced ideas are successfully proposed and put into action. This is exact Nov 14 when there could be an announcement. (P Mercury trine N Mars).

The USA is a Cancer country so the planets in Scorpio, Pisces and Taurus gives an opportunity to get the financial house in order with careful changes. Jupiter the expansion planet is in the sign of Aquarius the sign of humanity or humanitarian projects and will be exact next month, so expansion of social activity should be successful. At the same time, Saturn is also in this sign, and Saturn is the planet of restriction, so expect continued congressional wrangling.

All of November the president is having some success and is better understood. The tax income for the proposed expansionary bills is possible. (P Moon trine N Saturn). Exact November 16.

Nov 7: good news about the president, or news about a good agreement or pass a law beneficial to the presidency, the president, the workforce and health situations. This means the pandemic could be waning.

Nov 8: another indication that Congress passes a law beneficial to the USA population, and good agreements with allies and the President interacting with allies but with the financial offering less than expected.

Nov 9: the president has a setback regarding financing his plan or is trying to balance incoming money with cost of his plan.

Nov 12: possible settlement of strikes with adjustments to demands.

Nov 13: continuation of the possible strike settlements.

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