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Jun 10, 2020

Another Eclipse June 21

What a full-Moon eclipse that was!
Mercury goes retrograde June 18.
There will be another eclipse as the solstice June 21.
Venus is still retrograde, goes direct June 25.
The virus situation is still in play.

The June 5 eclipse triggered the George Floyd situation, which is intertwined with COVID-19, revealing the drastic change the world is going through. To read about previous pandemics that changed history, click here:

The astrology of the full Moon eclipse on June 5 reflected the scope of the demonstrations , which were mostly peaceful. It caused (obviously now) a big adjustment in attitude for the entire country and the entire world.

June 8, the United States House of Representatives introduced a police reform bill: “The Justice in Policing Act of 2020,” revealing the intent to improve policing. Let us pray this is a step to improve relations and the situation. Indications are this is a process that will incur several changes.

June 10 USA; changes or walk-back of a previous statement along with an opportunity for some self-confidence.

June 11 the Moon goes into Pisces, softening emotions. It may be a lazy day, with little action but an opportunity for polite conversation.

June 11 USA strong public statements, possibly about new laws, or more news about the covid-19. Since Mercury is retrograde this repeats June 24.

June 12 USA dissatisfying law news, possibly from the Supreme Court. Information is incomplete and vague. Could be another official resigning or leaving.

June 13 quarter Moon in the signs of Pisces and Gemini, who may be irritated with each other and Virgo and Sagittarius irritated because of vagueness. Also, possible strong attempt to create ideal solutions to problems. Pisces may be more active than usual. Virgo may think they are being avoided, Gemini and Sagittarius disappointed because people do not show up or projects in limbo. Moon goes into Aries after 5 pm, adding some energy to the day.

June 14 adjustments to yesterday’s activity.

June 14 USA actions against or rebelling against a law. Possibly of violence, rabble-rousing from the press. The situation is about ego, anger and emotions, not common sense.

June 15 pleasant day for everyone, with the opportunity for creative dialogue.

June 15 USA possible opposition to a supreme court decision, or opposition to a foreign entity or treaty.

June 16 More adjustments resulting from both COVID-19 and the demonstrations. Moon goes into Taurus after 5 pm, focusing on the practical.

June 17 USA possible introduction or news of a progressive law which benefits most everyone.

June 18 Mercury goes retrograde, direct on July 12. It is retrograde in the sign of Cancer. Remember that electronics and communications go awry and to not sign papers during the cycle. However, a retrograde Mercury cycle repeats a previous one, so you may look to a previous cycle to learn what could repeat during this one. It could be good.  Moon goes into Gemini later, livening the conversation.

June 18 USA the USA chart has a natal retrograde Mercury in the sign of Cancer, the sign of this retrograde cycle, so this cycle should be good for the country. However today may see an adjustment of a previous statement and an adjustment in money expended which should be good news.

June 19 focus on the North Node, which is in the sign of Gemini, the sign of talk. Gemini has the gift of showing you all sides of a situation and perhaps there will be enlightenment on society’s situations - world wide. Gemini is the sign of the Christ. If we can act as Christ did or act as He taught, it would be a good day indeed.

June 20 Sun goes into Cancer, the first day of summer. Now is the time for Cancer people to get active, Capricorn may be challenged by family, as may Aries and Libra Scorpio and Pisces have a good month regarding family; Taurus and Virgo have opportunities for good family situations. Gemini and Leo are neutral, with Sagittarius and Aquarius adjusting to more emotional happenings. Cancer also signifies food, so there could be the opening of world-wide food distribution systems, which will be different from before covid-19. Today swims into tomorrow...

June 21 new Moon eclipse at 02:41:18 am EDT at 00 Cancer 21. This eclipse signals an adjustment, possibly in the law, because of the demonstrations.  If you have a 29, 0 or 1 degree planet or point in your chart, it will be activated. A quickie reading with Patty can help you learn how it may impact.

The degree of the new Moon eclipse does not impact the USA chart.


★    Both the pandemic and the demonstrations for equality have the same astrology aspect of transiting Pluto opposing the USA natal Mercury,
★    The demonstrations:  Pluto rules the 11th house of the Congress. Mercury rules the 7th house of laws.
★    The eclipse of June 5 was at 15 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius, in quincunx to the USA ascendant if we use the 5:19:18 pm time.
★    This aspect was exact February 23, bringing the pandemic to light.
★    We have transiting Pluto in opposition to the USA natal Mercury, revealing transformative opposition to existing laws.
★    The aspect with the new law introduced June 8:  T Jupiter opposed the USA part of fortune in Cancer, indicating this is a process that will take a while and incur several changes. .
★    T Saturn is at 1 degree Aquarius. Rex Bills Rulership book states that Saturn is the ruler of Negros. This placement means the beginning of true equality for them, and the time is right for society to demand their equality.
★    “The Justice in Policing Act of 2020.” In the USA chart, T Pluto is in opposition to the N Mercury, revealing very strong forces demanding transformation of laws.
★    The eclipse of June 21 has the Sun and Moon at 00 Cancer 21, in quincunx with Saturn at 00 Aquarius 39.
★    Jupiter and Pluto are very close together and will be conjunct June 30, so the virus may spike then. In doing research of pandemics, I learned virus pandemics had Jupiter and Pluto conjunct.
★    The USA is a Cancer country, so when the Sun goes through Cancer every year, it activates four planets in Cancer, one in Virgo, one in Libra and opposes Pluto in Capricorn.
★   ★    A quickie reading with Patty can help you.

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