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Jun 18, 2020

Mercury went retrograde and the eclipse.

The new Moon Eclipse June 21 and more.

The planets are busy through the end of June.

★    Mercury went retrograde in Cancer this morning about 8 am, goes direct July 12.
★    Venus goes direct in Gemini June 25.
★    Solstice = Sun goes into 00 degree Cancer June 20.
★    New Moon eclipse at 00 degree Cancer June 21
★    Mars goes into 00 Aries June 27. More about this later.
★    Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn exactly June 30. More about this later.
★    Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto are all retrograde. Retrograde planets indicate analyzing past situations to get ready when the planets go direct. More about this later.

This is a lot! For today, we’ll give the usual warning about retrograde Mercury: if possible, postpone agreements and signing documents. Your electronics may malfunction - or malfunctioning ones suddenly work; you may find lost items. Since Mercury is the patron planet of communication, be careful. In the sign of Cancer, communication may be emotional, not factual. This means try to ascertain the facts behind any emotional verbiage, softly though. After Mercury goes direct July 12, things clear up. However, retrograde Mercury actions repeat and can be beneficial. To learn how this affects you, look back to past retrograde Mercury times and what happened. It may have been good. I know some of mine were.

Eclipses are triggers, setting off latent energy. If you have a planet, your ascendant or midheaven at 29, 00 or 01 degrees, the eclipse may activate it. A one-on-one session with Patty can quickly identify and explain it for you. The sign of Cancer is the the sign of families, food and the homeland. The eclipse may trigger a restoring of food distribution., adjusted for the changed circumstances.  Cancer people are asked to shine their light, so if you are a Cancer, this is your month to shine, through July 22.

What may happen with the other signs? Capricorn may be challenged to be with family instead of work, with Aries and Libra experiencing challenging family situations. Scorpio and Pisces have a good day possibly catalyzed by a Cancer. Taurus and Virgo have the opportunity to contribute to family or food. Sagittarius and Aquarius adjust to more emotion that usual. Gemini is neutral to the eclipse, but activated by the North Node to use their communication talents. Leo is also neutral to the eclipse unless a 00 degree Leo Sun sigh, which means Saturn is important.

The new Moon eclipse itself is in a see-saw (quincunx) relationship with Saturn at 00 Aquarius. What does this mean? We have seen demonstrations for equality and justice for several weeks; astrologically since Saturn went into the equality sign of Aquarius. Saturn is a planet of law and justice so this makes sense. The see-saw (quincunx) relationship indicates adjustments to these situations., perhaps new laws or new congressional amendments. Aquarius is the sign of big groups of people and aspirations, so the groups may be triggered to adjust their aspirations or expectations because of family.

Also, the eclipse is right next to (an out-of-sign conjunction) with the North Node in Gemini, giving the news and communication more energy. The North Node reveals the virtues of the future: in Gemini, diplomatic communication, being able to see all sides of situations, and esoterically, the energy of the Christ. So the eclipse may trigger more inclusive (Cancer eclipse) communication.

The question is: why are the summer solstice and eclipse on different days even though they are both 00 Cancer? The summer solstice is when the Sun travels into 00 degrees of Cancer 00 minutes and 00 seconds and according to Solar Fire, at 05:43:33 pm ET on June 20. The new Moon eclipse in Cancer this year is when the Sun and Moon are exactly together or conjunct, which happens June 21 at 00 degrees Cancer 21 minutes, 23 seconds at 02:41:18 am ET.

The Jupiter Pluto conjunction is very important and related to the pandemic. This will be written in the next newsletter to follow tomorrow. Thank you for reading.

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