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Sep 12, 2021

Celestial situation Sept. 2021

Pluto is still stuck at 24 degrees Capricorn, continuing its slow, relentless tearing down what was thought to be secure and stable, whether actual structures, political or ideological ideas or cherished situations no longer needed. This continues until January 2024. We are entering the Age of Aquarius. What does this mean? That the energy of the Age of Pisces is quickly receding and the very different energy of Aquarius is quickly coming in. This combination is like swift tides going out and coming in, with the of breaking waves where they meet. To fully enter a new age, the previous age’s exaggerations must be transformed  to make way for the energy of the new age.

What is happening now? The excesses of the Age of Pisces are now being torn down and exposed. We can witness this with the exposure of sexual and financial excess with big corporations and the excesses of religions trying to force their views on everyone.  (Pisces/Neptune and Capricorn/ Pluto). We are witnessing the incoming Aquarian energy with the demands for equality - not tolerance, which only puts up with - but equality - everyone has the same rights, respect and acceptance. As the Age of Aquarius progresses, the entities with the out-of-touch attitudes will be gone and the Aquarian virtues slowly becoming.

The Age of Aquarius is also a fixed era because Aquarius is a fixed sign. The caution is that of dictatorship, which happens under fixed-sign people . Hitler was a Taurus and Mussolini was a Leo who dominated and terrorized their people. Roosevelt was an Aquarius who exhibited the humanitarian qualities of Aquarius by putting people to work with the public infrastructure work, and introduced Social Security. After he died in his third term, Congress passed the law that American presidents can only serve two terms because they did not like the emergence of his supposed dictatorship tendencies. So let us be aware of dictatorship tendencies here in the USA. It is certainly evident in other countries.

The USA chart continues the Neptune opposition, which we are experiencing with the Afghanistan withdrawal and the appearance of “loss of face,” and confusing, vague and sometimes deceptive announcements in the news and on the internet. Included in this is the confusion about the vaccines and wearing of masks. Use your discernment and fact-check what you see and hear.

The USA is also going through transiting Pluto opposing natal Mercury, intense, indeed. Strong opposition to trade, agreements, existing laws and the Supreme Court decisions. Pluto is also the patron planet of force of will, in the USA chart from a strong dictator-like entity or entities opposing the rule of law.

Depending what USA chart degrees used, if the 14 degree Sagittarius is accurate, Transiting Uranus is in a see-saw/quincunx relationship, meaning unsettled situation regarding children and that seems to be true with the school situation and children getting sick. This may be intense through the end of this month.

The USA will see a repeat of past mistakes arising, that happened between February 7 and February 15 and was preceded by Jan 15 to 19th. This will happen from Sept. 29 through Oct 23rd. This can be with expenditures, loss of possessions and loss of self-confidence as a result of all that has happened here this year: drought, no water and fires in the west, hurricane with floods in the south and northeast, disruption of vital supply chain because of the pandemic. The good side of this is the generosity of the people helping those in need.

As for COVID itself, the planets indicate it is active through the end of December this year because both Jupiter and Saturn are in the sign of many people. The pandemic is part of transiting Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, which tears things down. When the pandemic began, many other planets joined Pluto in Capricorn, showing we astrologers that society was in for a drastic change and be changed forever.  I admire the young people who see new ways of doing things to help others, the environment and even how money is handled and transferred.

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