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Sep 6, 2021

You and the Afghanstan withdrawal

 The USA and NATO withdrew from Afghanistan,

with the USA withdrawn by August 31, 2021.

 What do the planets “say” about the USA withdrawal and how will the withdrawal influence your life here in the USA? The following is without astrology descriptions but is based on the planetary relationships to the USA horoscope. The changes we are going through are from COVID, droughts with no water in some places, and floods in other places.

 To read more about Afghanistan, go to these two websites:



The withdrawal is perceived to be a loss for the USA and certainly is a “loss of face”. The loss of face evidenced by the withdrawal could be the beginning of the USA not maintaining world-wide armies. The planets indicate a strengthening of the office of the presidency with the president himself adjusting to the new reality.

 The astrology that reveals the affect of the withdrawal related to the general population is concentrated on several areas: foreign affairs, finances, use of resources, self esteem and self confidence. The focus on the self esteem of the population is because of the change from the old established way of perceiving ourselves to the new, with those of other cultures bringing change. We have other immigrants and refugees arriving in the USA, so the changes are not only with the incoming Afghans.

 The refugees arriving in the USA bring about change and adaptation to them and their cultures. The affects appear to be through January of 2023, perhaps because of groups arriving at different times and getting settled into communities.

 There may be strong opposition to this change by those who have been in the USA for a long time, thinking they are the original settlers, when we all came from other places at one time or another. Those citizens who arrived earlier may be afraid of the new, so they may strongly speak out in opposition. However, the indications include that open, honest communication will alleviate fear to inclusion and progress to a new, exciting mix of cultures.

 The planets indicate émigrés will bring with them needed and exciting change, expanding understandings and new ways of earning money, thereby contributing to the good of the nation.

 *   How about you? The planetary foçi are Capricorn, Aquarius and Virgo, meaning we as a Sun sign in each of these groups may experience the drastic changes as follows. Capricorn goes through a transformation of what was thought to be secure and hopefully use the change to establish new securities. Aquarius enjoys the activity to acquire new knowledge put to use with friends and groups. Virgo applies discernment to analyze and apply practical detail to the change, remembering to focus on the future instead of the past. Taurus, Cancer, and Pisces have the opportunity to apply their practical and nurturing abilities. Leo and Scorpio may be challenged to be part of a large group, and experience new control issues. Aries and Sagittarius have the opportunity to be part of the expansion of the new with their creativity , interest in foreign affairs and keeping the peace. Gemini and Libra are in the right place at the right time to be included to give their talents of diplomacy and grace. These are generalities for each group of Sun signs. Your individual adaptation will be specific and personal to you.

 We knew the chaos with the outgoing Age of Pisces and the incoming Age of Aquarius would bring change and it is happening with world-wide COVID, world-wide immigration, and world-wide natural disasters. It is drastic and quick. Adaptation with compassion and cooperation helps us get through it. Edgar Cayce would say to know your Ideal to make decisions.

 We conclude with the optimism that the human race is resilient and basically loving and helpful. We will adapt to the changes and help the new émigrés assimilate. The Age of Aquarius, which we are entering now asks us to accept - more than tolerate - others and the new. I am seeing the very young come up with new ways of being that will help all. They are awesome.

 On a personal note, my mother was an Irish immigrant. I went to school with Irish and Italian first-generation Americans (as I am) and remember the Polish, German and Greek peoples, although did not go to school with them. Then came the Cubans, the Haitians, and after the wars, Koreans and Vietnamese and now South Americans and Afghans. Each group continues to enrich our culture, with their food, music and colloquial expressions. We are One.

 These predictions are very general and may not fit everyone. Your horoscope is unique and specific to you. A personal reading using your specific birth information is uncannily accurate and very helpful. Contact Patty for your reading.

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