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Feb 25, 2022

Astrology of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

 Russia’s invasion of Ukraine


  As you can see by the chart, Venus, Mars and Pluto are in Capricorn, meaning the energies are ambitiously working together in a focused way, potentially killing democracy. There was an opportunity for peace which was ignored, and the invasion of Ukraine happened. (Neptune trine Mars & Venus).


The Moon joins the line-up Feb 25, intensifying the situation. Mars joins Pluto March 2, super-focusing the war, with Venus joining Pluto March 3. Venus and Mars leave Capricorn March 6, probably meaning Russia has accomplished most of what they started, leaving the time until March 2023 to make Russia’s annexation of Ukraine complete.


The South Node of the world is in Scorpio, digging up muck - corruption - from the bottom of the swamp, in this case, revealing dictatorship and financial loss. because Scorpio in its bad side represents such. This is world-wide and in many formerly respected institutions.

 Uranus in Taurus is in good relationship with the Capricorn planets, not exact, but a possible indicator that financial change will eventually mean conservative financial situations with possible shrinking of what is thought of as stable markets, with speculative markets shrinking.

 How does this look to Russia’s chart?

The inner circle is Russia’s natal chart, the outer wheel today’s transits.


You can see that Russia is a Capricorn country and the transiting or moving planets  are also in Capricorn. When you look at the degrees, you see that transiting Venus, Mars and Pluto by degree are past the degrees of Russia’s natal chart. This means the invasion had been planned for very long time. The transiting South Node of the past is will shortly join Russia’s natal Venus and Pluto in Scorpio. The Russian financial crisis may be severe, with past manipulations and mistakes revealed - and not a happy situation for Russia. Transiting Jupiter March 2 through 5, will oppose Russia’s Natal Jupiter, indicating they took on more than expected, with international ill will. Now through the March 10, it seems things are going Russia’s way, enjoying the opportunity to stabilize the situation. Then transiting Saturn will square Russia’s natal Venus and Pluto March 21 through April 10, meaning financial and control crises, with possible losses or a purge. Neptune reveals this was as perfect a time as any for this idealistic situation - idealistic as Russia sees it. (T Neptune trine N Pluto and Venus).

 It seems Russia will succeed in this invasion, although with financial stress and loss of international good will - but Putin does not care. He has the good will and alliance with Communist China and North Korea, and the good will of the South American dictatorships.

 What about the USA chart? The inner circle is the USA’s natal chart, the outer circle today’s transits.

You can see the transiting Capricorn planets in the outer circle are opposite the USA natal Cancer planets in the inner circle. This can indicate or reveal opposition to USA’s lawful foundation. The important thing is that transiting Pluto in the outer circle is joined with the USA natal Pluto in the inner circle, revealing the turmoil in the country. We call this the Pluto return, talked and written about many times. This turmoil seems to be  a concerted, world-wide effort to undermine and destroy America’s democracy, assisted secretly or behind the scenes by members of congress. When you look at the world situations, democratic countries are in turmoil. It is interesting that demonstrations about the same thing happen at the same time in many democratic countries. Dictator or authoritative countries have harsher restrictions, but the citizens are not allowed to demonstrate or otherwise cause turmoil. Along with the turmoil, Neptune is in a communicative fog, meaning the news can be misleading, vague or deliberately evasive or misleading.

Pluto in the USA chart will be in this situation through January 2023, taking that long for the transformation, followed by Pluto going into Aquarius March 2023. Pluto is a dictator planet and Aquarius can be a dictator sign, although it does not have to be. Saturn in Aquarius could mean stabilization and security for everyone equally, but we’ll see, won’t we?

 It seems the USA focuses on domestic situations that include finances, resources and self-esteem, continued demonstrations,  aggravated by confusing communication. The USA continues turmoil and transformation of our values. It does not look like foreign adventures. It looks like the USA Supreme Court will continue unpopular decisions based on idealism.


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