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Mar 4, 2022

Rocket strike the moon and you


From Earth sky News:


Is a rocket going to strike the moon tomorrow?

In January, experts said part of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket was due to crash into the moon on March 4. Then, they said, it wasn't a SpaceX rocket but instead a Chinese rocket. But the Chinese denied it was theirs. So is any human spacecraft going to strike the moon tomorrow? The answer still appears to be yes. An earthly object is headed for a collision course with the moon tomorrow. But we still don't know, and might never know, exactly where and how it originated. Read more about the moon strike.

Even though the strike will be on the dark side of the Moon, and even though it may create a small crater, the moon will vibrate. When this happens, astrologically that area of your horoscope meaning your life, vibrates, too. Tomorrow, March 4, the Moon goes into active Aries.

If you are an Aries, have an Aries Moon or Ascendant, you may be urged to more activity than usual, just try not to wear your quiet friends out with what may be too much activity for them or interrupt them with your great ideas.
Libra can expect a more independent partner, with Cancer and Capricorn experiencing a slightly more challenging day. Leo and Sagittarius will have a nice, actively creative day and enough attention. Pisces and Taurus are neutral.
Gemini and Aquarius have the opportunity for a nice social day if the opportunity is taken. Virgo and Scorpio adjust to impulsive interruptions.

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