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Aug 25, 2021

Meet King Virgo & Knight Mercury

King Virgo and Knight Mercury were quietly discussing the details of their current plans in their wood

-paneled castle with a nice fire in the fireplace. King Virgo was dressed in tailor-made garments that fitted well but in earth colors, and his hair was perfect. Their delicate, beautiful wooden chariot was under the skillfully crafted shed next to the castle. They liked to go over the details of their plans in sequence to make sure the job would be done right and would not fall apart. You see, if a step is skipped, whatever they are doing, building or planting will not succeed. And they do not really enjoy fixing other’s mistakes because of non-sequential planning or not following the prescribed plan. King Virgo’s castle, although furnished in earth colors with much wood, was beautiful and tasteful. Knight Mercury, in his service to King Virgo, was a natural artist of plants and animals, and some of his art was on the walls adding to the beauty of the castle.

Knight Mercury serves two kings: King Gemini and King Virgo. He serves King Gemini with very quick thoughts that continually change because of insatiable curiosity. King Virgo is served with careful, methodical, sequential, practical thoughts. Each King and Knight in their own ways are flexible, although on the surface it does not seem like King Virgo is flexible. Both Kings like detail, with King Gemini wanting others to actually do it and King Virgo wanting to analyze the details himself.

All of a sudden, there was a bright, dramatic rush of air outside with someone trying to come in the locked door. Who is so pushy? When King Virgo went to the door, he discovered his next-door neighbor King Leo smiling and extending an expensive gift to King Virgo. Knight Sun was there, too, shining with bright warmth. Their friendly expansiveness mollified King Virgo who invited them in. You see, King Leo is generous by nature and gives to almost everybody. King Leo was grandly dressed with gold buttons and buckles on his clothing.

King Virgo invited King Leo to his see garden of herbs, vegetables and of course, wheat. King Virgo is the King of the harvest, so he told King Leo when the herbs and vegetables would be ready to pick and talked about how he would cook and serve them. King Virgo does not have an animal pet because he is interested in work, gardening and the environment. King Leo tried several times to turn the conversation to himself, but Knight Mercury deftly kept the conversation on King Virgo’s interests which King Virgo talked about with every little detail. King Virgo’s abode was furnished in earth colors with potted plants all around. He even had a pot of wheat beside the window. Knight Sun’s warmth heated the room without the fire, because Knight Sun is fire!

King Leo talked King Virgo into inviting the other kings. The first to arrive, of course, was King Aries and Knight Mars, who get along well with King Leo, but throw King Virgo off balance with their impulsiveness. Then King Taurus arrived with Lady Venus who get along well with King Virgo because King Taurus appreciates King Virgo’s garden and food so they talk about gardening and cooking.

With a whoosh of air, King Gemini arrived, who gets along with almost everybody. The conversation quickly became scintillating with many topics of conversation in no order. This bothered King Virgo who could not follow the continual changes in the topics of conversation. Kings Aries and Leo joined King Gemini in conversation and they laughed and laughed.

The next to arrive was King Cancer with Lady Moon. They get along well with King Virgo until King Virgo criticizes them, and they retreat to think about it. It took Lady Moon a few centuries to learn that King Virgo was really criticizing the situation, not her and King Cancer. But they still had to retreat sometimes to mull about it.

King Cancer and Lady Moon joined King Taurus and Lady Venus who they are quietly comfortable with and could talk about food, family and their homes. King Aries and Knight Mars joined them. Now, Kings Aries and Cancer are not supposed to get along, but they do, sharing their impulsive love of adventure and learning new things. After centuries of knowing each other, King Cancer learned not to let King Aries statements provoke him, and King Aries learned not to provoke King Cancer too much. Knight Mars had to learn not to be too forward with Lady Venus and Lady Moon because they would leave him to talk with others and his ego did not like that.

King Virgo prepared healthy and wholesome food for everyone. The table was perfectly set with beautiful decorations and serving dishes in precise placements. The food was perfectly cooked and served in order. Because King Virgo wanted a perfect dinner party, he arranged for compatible kings, knights and ladies to sit together so the experience would be pleasant. Knight Mercury put a small gift at each place setting in appreciation for the Kings, Knights and Ladies present.

After dinner the Kings, Knights and Ladies around groups discussing King Virgo’s latest project, sometimes adding helpful comments, which King Virgo had to take time to think about, so he did not make an immediate response.

It got late and time to end the nice party. As the Kings left, they each expressed an interest in meeting King Virgo’s other next-door neighbors, King Libra and Lady Venus. We’ll do that next time.

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