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Aug 19, 2021

Afghanistan! & a Viet Nam Vet reply


The situation in Afghanistan!

The announcement of halving the number of forces in Afghanistan, was announced Nov. 17, 2021 by the previous president. This was the beginning of the change in the USA situation in Afghanistan. (T Pluto quincunx N Neptune). This began to give the Taliban time to plan their takeover.


We’ve been saying for some time now in previous newsletters that the USA would be going through our Neptune Opposition. What does that mean? It would have been written in previous newsletters that a foreign entity would disappear or be deceptive. Well, that is certainly happening!


   The opposition indicates losses or disappearance of a foreign entity. This began to actively happen behind the scenes the last two weeks of this April, 2021 and was active until end of May, appeared to go away, but actually was just hidden between end of May until the last week of this July, last month, when it became more visible. The degree will be exact August 22, this month! The situation will be active through September 7, with September 11 the stated withdrawal by the previous president. This gave the Taliban plenty of time to make their plans. It also gave plenty of time for the deposed Afghanistan president to plan his escape, which he did with airplanes filled with cash. 

   Something is certainly and apparently amiss regarding intergovernmental communication. Communication would have been, and still will be, incomplete, incoherent, sometimes chaotic and at times deceptive, certainly from or about the foreign entity. The situation continues at least through first two weeks of March 2022, then wanes. This means the news may not be reliable because it is incomplete, chaotic and sometimes deceptive. Remember the Afghanistan’s are a different kind of people whose values are different from ours, and they do not like us, remember. So, what is reported may be deflective and deceptive methods. 

   Even though this relates to Afghanistan, other communication in the USA is incomplete, sometimes chaotic and at times deceptive. It is wise to fact-check what you see and read in the news and online; especially online because it is too easy to print anything anyone wants, true or not. 

   This is a major time of transition for the USA, most likely indicating the end of foreign intervention in other nation's affairs. This is the prelude to the next major experience to bring transformation to the country. This is the Pluto return, which only happens every 247-248 years. We will report about this in a forthcoming email.

   It is also wise to have what the Cayce readings call an Ideal. The Ideal is the Ideal way you want to be: whether peaceful, joyful or whatever. I do this by asking myself what virtue do I want to express? When situations become incomplete, upsetting or confusing, I apply my Ideal. That means I ask myself: how does the virtue or Ideal I want to express relate to this? Then decisions can be made according to that Ideal or virtue.

Remember to apply your Ideal or your desired Virtue to your situations. You will be glad you did because it may just bring you peace. Cayce readings said this is the most important think you can do.

A Viet Nam Vet replied about Afghanistan

Thank you for this perspective


In April 1968, myself and a man from Georgia stepped off the plane at Ben Hoa airbase, Viet Nam. In less than two weeks, we engaged with South Viet Nam soldiers on our side and immediately determined they would not fight on their own for their country and that S. Viet Nam without American support could never win the war. Nonetheless, they were very nice people and fun to be with. Attached is a picture of a group of S. Viet Nam soldiers. The soldier on the right is Jimmy P. He lives in the U.S. He got out.  (Picture not included).

EVERYONE that was there on the ground knew the U.S. would not win the Viet Nam war 7 years before the war ended in 1975! The same thing was happening in Afghanistan. The same exact thing. 

Did everyone back home in the U.S. during those 7 years know what was going on? No! In fact, just the opposite. We loved and played with the Vietnamese children in the field and had great trust and friendship with their parents. All of them! And what were Americans told back home? We were baby killers! 

My strong recommendation regarding the Afghanistan War is not to conclude anything based on information from any press or any administration. Conclude nothing. For example, even after 50 years, most people still don’t know that Charles DeGaulle ‘planted the seeds’ for the Viet Nam war. We have to wait a few decades to gather enough reliable information to really understand what happened in Afghanistan. Right now, it's only a Shakespearean play.

Nonetheless, until then, I’ll put my ‘money’ on the following: The Afghanistan people and their children are really NICE people. 

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