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Oct 1, 2021

October 2021 General & USA


October begins with six planets retrograde: Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

You know about Mercury retrograde glitches. The outer planet retrograde times are for you to re-evaluate what these planets represent generally and in your horoscope, meaning your life. With Jupiter look at where you may have too much excess; with Saturn where are the restrictions; with Uranus are you free without considering others; with Neptune are you seeing life clearly or through a mist; with Pluto what may be outworn and need to be replaced? After evaluating these, make plans to rectify what you think needs it when they go direct.

Pluto goes direct Oct 6, Saturn goes direct Oct 11, Mercury and Jupiter go direct Oct 18, adding momentum to their travels and symbolic activities, after which you may have evaluated how they have been retrograde in your life and how you may perfect any plans.

This is certainly Libra time with the Sun, Mercury and Mars all in Libra. The Sun and Mars will be conjunct, or within one degree of each other, from Oct 2 through Oct 14. This means strong initiative energy for cooperation, diplomacy and joint ventures. Libra will be energized and more assertive than usual, pushing or even opposing Aries’ tendency to go it alone. Cancer and Capricorn may be asked to be involved in cooperative activities, or be in challenging situations requiring cooperation. Gemini and Aquarius enjoy a nice social month; Leo and Sagittarius have the opportunity to cooperate with social or diplomatic ventures. Pisces and Taurus adjust to cooperative activities, or dealing with others when they would rather be left alone. Virgo and Scorpio are neutral.

The Libra energy is harmonious with the Aquarius energy of Saturn and Jupiter, indicating possible cooperation and progress regarding the COVID situation or humanitarian needs. However, the same Libra energy adjusts to financial reality, experiences a crisis with outworn “structures” or what is thought as stable and tries to balance this with unrealistic expectations. This is not only for Libra but for all of us. (Libra trine Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius, quincunx Uranus in Taurus and square Pluto in Capricorn).

On Oct 7 Venus moves into Sagittarius and in a good relationship with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn but in iffy relationship with Neptune. Towards the end of October, be careful in your love, business and travel relationships because there may be confusion, vagueness and perhaps deception. Use your discernment to figure things out.

The immigration situation is in the forefront Oct 10 and 11, possibly with some immigrants being settled in communities where their countrymen are located. (Venus conjunct the South Node in Sagittarius).

The “purpose” (North Node in Gemini) until mid-January 2022 is to pay attention to everyday life, clear communications, siblings, close neighbors and stay close to home.

These predictions are very general and may not fit everyone. Each horoscope is unique. A personal reading using your specific birth information is uncannily accurate and very helpful. Contact Patty for your reading. 
USA October 2021
The USA this month experiences many challenges to laws possibly coming from the office of the presidency and the Democratic Party. (The Libra planets square the USA natal Cancer planets.) Financial reality causes common sense to be put to the humanitarian efforts coming from Congress. (T Uranus Quincunx N Saturn).The Libra energy is beneficial to the workforce and medical workers and stimulates innovation. (T Libra trine USA N South Node and the Moon and conjunct N Saturn).

The USA continues to experience strong opposition to Supreme Court law or decisions and to existing financial laws. Any proposed laws will be strongly challenged. (T Pluto oppose N Mercury).

The USA also continues to experience rebellion to the office of the presidency, the law and financial adjustments because of monetary restrictions. (T Uranus quincunx N Saturn).

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