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Patty the Astrologer is your trusted advisor

Oct 19, 2021

Upcoming October and November events

Upcoming October and November 2021 events

Contact Patty by email or by personal phone

 You are welcome to join us “in person” online with our monthly gatherings, which are casual and friendly.

If you have any questions about any of our events, do not hesitate to contact Patty.


Daily: available for readings Eastern Time from 10 am including weekends, subject to already-made appointments, of course. Patty the Astrologer - your astrologer - is here for you to answer your questions about anything regarding your life situations. You will be answered promptly and her readings are affordable. Sessions can be for one question or a full year ahead. Patty has over 40 years of professional, consulting experience with people world-wide. She taught astrology courses at the Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. in Va Beach, at A.R.E. groups nation-wide and at Delaware Colleges and libraries. Patty has been on TV with her own show and other stations, on numerous radio shows and hosts two levels of astrology classes. No need to wait weeks or months for your appointment with Patty, who gives you very accurate, confidential readings over the phone or video. Call her today for your appointment. Check her out at her website:   Previous astrology articles may be read here, along with full professional life experience.


Ongoing weekly Tuesdays at 2:30 Eastern Time. Edgar Cayce study group, currently studying the A.R.E. Enlightenment Series for October, Famous dreams, including famous Bible dreams, with additional Cayce reading information. Free. Contact Patty to be included. It is helpful to be an Edgar Cayce A.R.E. member, but not necessary. Patty has been a member since 1976 and served many volunteer regional positions and is currently the volunteer ARE Delmar Area Representative.



Sunday October 24
at 1 pm ET. Gnosis and the Law discussion group, discussing chapters in the book. This month the discussion will be on Cosmic Evil and will include the Edgar Cayce readings on Good and Evil. Contact Patty for your invitation. Tuition $30.00. The November meeting is not scheduled yet but will be on a Sunday at 1 pm ET.

Saturday, November 6 at 1 pm ET. In person in Wilmington, Delaware. Advanced astrology interpretation of two personal charts about specific happenings. Contact Patty if you would like to join us, are able to meet in person and are vaccinated. Tuition $30.00. The November intermediate online astrology class is not yet scheduled.



Sunday November 14 at 1 pm ET. Online. Soul Writing with Joanne DiMaggio. This is the program that was re-scheduled from October 10 because of glitches (Mercury retrograde!).

What if you knew, really knew in every part of your being, that there is an answer to every question you have ever pondered and all you have to do is ask and the answer will be forthcoming? Soul Writing - a written form of meditation - can provide those answers. With Soul Writing, referred to as Inspirational Writing by Edgar Cayce, you communicate with a divine presence, asking soulful questions, and getting a response in writing. It's like a 24/7 direct line to highly-evolved guidance counselors who are just waiting to hear from you. This workshop includes an overview of the soul writing process - what it is and why it's different from automatic writing; what Cayce says about it; famous writers and composers who have used it; and how to establish a writing ritual of your own. You'll learn all the ways you can apply Soul Writing to your life - from tapping into your past lives to facilitating your self-awareness and healing. The second part of the session is experiential, with a guided reverie leading you into doing the soul writing for yourself. Have a pen and journal handy for the writing session. Soul Writing is something anyone can do and do well, even on the first try. See what a profound change it can make in your life! Free will donation. You will receive the formal invitation a little later, but if you want to let us know you are interested, you may email Patty. For those of you who have already registered, thank you. You will receive the new link information early in November.

Thank you for reading.

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